Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Not sure how gritty this one is, but I was looking forward to it and I know a few others were as well @geewhiz.

I’m in the throes of ES2, but will be looking to pick this up sooner than later. 10% off until May 30.


“thieve’s guild” wtf


Why did you ruin my day by pointing this out?


Mine too.


I once passed a store in the Adirondacks with a big sign that read


I went in and asked to speak with the general.


Watch out for my sequel - ROUGE GUILD


First DLC
"The steak out"


Didn’t stop me from wishlisting it! :-) Though they had me at “co-creator of Banner Saga series” Swoon.


That’s the origin story for the Incredible Hulk, right?


I thought it was about David Banner’s struggles with substance abuse. Who can say?


You go, girl!




[quote=“belouski, post:721, topic:73462, full:true”]
Not sure how gritty this one is, but I was looking forward to it and I know a few others were as well @geewhiz. [/quote]

Thanks for the heads up!


Quarantine (not THAT Quarantine) is out of Early Access, at 6 bucks, down from the 14 original price.
To quote one of the early opinions, that shares some of tgb’s concerns, “Unless the hard mode is a lot harder than the super easy “normal” mode, then this game has way too little gameplay, and should either reduce it’s price to at least £3.99 or triple the amount of content it currently has.”
I am affraid that it seems they seem to have settled for the second possibility?


I checked out the 1.0 build last night and didn’t see a lot of difference, other than a fairly trivial addition that agents are limited in how far they can travel. It still seemed pretty easy. Of course I’m not thrilled that the price at release is $10 les than I paid for it…


Did anyone end up playing this? I’m really interested in impressions.


Haven’t played, or bought yet. Reviews make it sound fiddly. Stoic has said they are going to try and make things clearer to new players, and part of that will be more gameplay videos. Polygon released a video, and I could see how some of the controls and features could be frustrating. However, I’m still intending to buy it before the discount drops on the 30th.




A video for RIOT showed up on Youtube!


Am I going to need an Atari 2600 emulator to play that?