Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I did find the demo to be quite hard. Dysentery successfully avoided however as the main obstacle for me was a complete lack of food and water.

But did you manage to avoid dissin’ Terry?

This one isn’t quite there right now. I was hoping for a Sega Rally homage, but the vehicle interaction with surface isn’t super - the car barely slides on a loose surface - and the braking is super weird. It feels like the brakes do nothing at all when you pull them on and then suddenly you’re doing zero miles per hour.

Clearly it’s not finished yet though, so that could easily change. I used the “survey” menu option from the main screen to give feedback.

Phantom Spark, however, made a great impression immediately.

The music is good, the feeling of speed is good, the drifting and flying and different racing lines are good and it has an online friends leaderboard already. Yum.

Ooo, glad to hear it. I wishlisted Phantom Spark a while back thanks to the unique 3D work of Joost Eggermont popping up on my Twitter feed. I’ll give the demo a spin!

Agreed on Old School Rally.

Found that I was either firing into corners near enough full speed, as if the brakes just weren’t working, or coming to a complete stop, with little in between. Pulled off some nice corners with the handbrake but again that felt a little inconsistent.

Haven’t put tons of time into it, but played all 3 tracks with all 3 cars at least twice, and I like it but it does need work. Definite promise though. Aesthetically it hits the spot for sure and I hope they can pull it around.

This reads exactly how I was fearing, and why I didn’t even bother grabbing Old School Rally: I remember reading from the Sega guys of the time how they tweaked for months the controls both on the arcade version and console port of the first game, and knowing the obsession and dedication Japanese developers are gifted/cursed with, and how hardly any game in the past 30 years caught that wonderfully slightly escaping your control while being tight precise feeling again, I was thinking it was a bit too high of a mountain to climb.

I’m on a @geggis catchup run: I finally tried, after buying it so many years ago, Tenderfoot Tactics, and been so grasped by it I just bought it again for the Switch, as it plays insanely nice with a gamepad.
And I finally got En Garde!, which I tend to well enjoy the three hours of it!
End of my SteamPrevFest review!

A turn based ww2 dogfighting simulator

There is a demo as part of nextfest

Elon has broken twitter previews so make sure you click through for the video

Thank Goodness You’re Here!

There’s a fun 15-min demo in the Steam NextFest for the game with the best trailer in living memory (the Lily the Pink one). Mechanically it seems a pretty simple puzzle platformer, but that’s just the skeleton to hang a bunch of little comedy setpieces on. Maybe the first time I’ve actually laughed at a ‘saving in progress’ icon (possibly just a British thing). Day 1 purchase.

Also: Matt Berry’s in the voice cast.

I know Zephon has done a million demos at this point, but they’ve got a new one up for NextFest. According to the interview they did with Explorminate this will probably be one of the last ones they do as they focus their efforts on release later this year. Haven’t downloaded any of the recent demos, but it sounds like they’ve added a lot more to make this unique from Gladius since the early ones.

Oh man, you’re going to make me dig out Sega Rally for my Xbox 360 again.

Bless you! :D

I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying both of those (and Outer Wilds!). Tenderfoot Tactics is such a gorgeous and strange thing. I came for the atmosphere and visuals and stayed for the dynamic music and elemental chaos of the tactical battles! The way things like moisture are modelled allows for some pretty creative strategies when growing plants, electrocuting things and preventing fire from spreading. En Garde! is just such a refreshingly slapstick and tongue-in-cheek take on your third-person brawler. I heard a lot of folk mention Sifu in a similar breath (albeit a lot more serious) so I’ve got that to try out at some point.

@Mr_Bismarck Phantom Spark is a thing of beauty isn’t it? I saw your leaderboard time on Fwiti’s Stone pathway and it took me a long time to get those first few corners right and then stay ahead over that first jump. I think I’m in love.

We don’t have enough of those, so I’m excited for this one.

I really got into that game on PC, using a gamepad, too. I’m super happy it finally made it to consoles. Stich a weird and cool little game.

Lost an hour to the demo of this. It’s delightful.

The game needs to copy Forza and tell someone at log in if their time has been beaten by a friend.

That functionality does exist but only for the domain characters, I think? Basically Fwinti told me she’d beaten my time on a previous pathway and the map showed a little tag so I hope they roll that over to Friends beating your times too. I might float the suggestion to them.

I never know whether to post here or in the Next Fest thread. I tried some of the current Next Fest games:

LOK is kind of a letter puzzle game with some interesting twists. It has a bunch of nonsense words like LOK, TLAK, TA, that each have a unique rule and it wants you to flip all of the squares in a grid by using the rules. Hard to describe, but easy to play, and the progression is solid; you get one word at a time and a bunch of puzzles that teach you how its mechanics work. I like the game, but I think it would better on mobile. Nice theming, though the art is superfluous.

Hard Chip is a game about making circuits on a transistor substrate. It’s the kind of thing I like, though is certainly very niche. The UI needs some work. It’s a bit clunky, to the point where I don’t think I’d bother to get the game if not improved. But hopefully the dev gets some feedback that helps him work on it; it’s a cool idea.

Linkito is another programming/wiring game. They actually released a demo of this a couple of weeks ago and I played it then. I really like it; it’s slick and polished and fun. Definitely goes on my wishlist.

The Alters is pretty rad. I played the demo just long enough to barely get a sense for what the game is doing and I like it. It’s kind of a base builder/crafting game with phenomenal lighting and graphics. Your character is stranded on an alien planet and has to escape/survive. You have a Fallout Shelter style 2D base that can roll around inside a giant wheel. You can add modules to the base for various purposes. And you have to brave the surface and its radiation storms to gather materials and explore. The twist is that at some point in the game you can clone alternate versions of yourself to help with the tasks, and each alternate version is created from a branch in your life narrative. Interesting concept. I’m down; I stopped playing the demo because I want to play the finished game. This is an 11-Bit Studios game: the devs of FrostPunk and This War of Mine, etc.

I was this close to getting a top 10 time in the world on the third race.


I can vouch for that one. Now, if only it was already finished…

Steam next fests are a good preview for Indie games we’ll hopefully be playing in 2027 and 2028.