Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


No, a standard PC will be fine. Remember it uses less pixels to keep your video card running cool.



Questionable grammar is unfortunately not the only issue with Killers and Thieves. Mysterio saw I was playing it on Steam and asked what I thought. This is what I replied with.

Unfortunately not (referring to whether or not the Mixed reviews were wrong). Controls are very fiddly. I like the concept a lot, and there is some neat management, and looks like a potentially interesting story. Unfortunately, the actual heists are the weakest part of the game.

I still plan to play it a while longer, to see if if it is just a learning curve issue I’m having. I think the management aspects, and the story will help motivate me to continue.


Thank you for your impressions!


Vote for this on greenlight.


Ohhh awesome. I groaned when I read “Voxel Tycoon” but then it hit me. Voted in the hopes that it realizes its full potential!


If we are turning this thread into this thread, everybody sane should vote for Jydge.
It is mindblowing the creators of Crimsonland and
#Neon #&@$!ing Chrome
have to get through this silly greenlightening process, but they do.


Well that’s an easy vote as well. But now I have to ask what a “roguehate” is.


Gotta love it when Russian developers try to beat the Japanese ones at the Engrish game! (it’s on purpose, at least)


Voxel Tycoon looks like it would be right up my alley. Voted.


I missed this. I like it!


Planet Nomads was released on Steam Early Access last week. I bit anyway at release price ($29.99) but unless you’re as crazy about these kind of survival games as I am, you might want to wait for a sale or big feature release.

The aesthetics remind me a little of No Man’s Sky, but that’s where the similarities end. Planet Nomads has a deeper crafting/survival system, weaker AI, no story and just one planet.

Dev tracker:

It’s super easy to get into, but not all that deep yet. I’m excited to see where they take this.


So, because I’m a weirdo who loves match-3 games, I check Steam for games with that tag from time to time, and usually don’t find much of interest. Today, though, I stumbled across this:

Match-3 rpg with a story mode and a separate roguelike mode.

No mobile version yet, but the developer has considered doing so if the PC version does well.


And you get ToME bonii if you buy it ;)

I asked around if that was (finally) a successor to Puzzle Quest. Never got an answer that was convincing one way or another.


I watched a fair bit of footage, but haven’t played it. It’s different from PQ. More like Gems of War, in some ways.

The enemy generally doesn’t move on the board (but hero enemies can get certain types of matches if you leave them). It’s more about enemies creating countdown tiles with different effects.

You have a party, not a single character. Each has a major mana color and a minor. Different weapons go in these slots and give abilities that take the place of PQs skills. Each character, of which there are ~30 I think, also has a special trait. You also fight multiple enemies at once, like GoW.

The story mode does have an overworld map like PQ, but I don’t know a ton about it.

Overall, it doesn’t look as polished as PQ. It has a more cartoony look, and the graphical effects, sound, etc. look to be of much lower quality. It does look it could be a good game, though.


I am honestly beginning to wonder if, instead of the match-3 mechanics, it was all the side systems and pushing higher all those little skills and numbers and beasts and what not that were appealing to me in Puzzle Quest!
In any case, cheap-me is keeping an eye on this one for the incoming summer sale…


The whole package worked so well together.

I have this in my cart (and Steamworld Dig). Who knows when I will get a chance to play, though.


Just played Oafmatch for about an hour (which was a good bit longer than intended). It’s great. Really like it a lot so far and seems well forth the 6 bucks.

Again, it’s not PQ, but it isn’t really trying to be, exactly. Much lighter in tone, with humor that’s pretty well written.

One annoyance is that you can set the difficulty on each fight (which is fine) and the difficulty required to get some of the loot varies from fight to fight. Possible that doing higher than required will give it to you, but haven’t tried that yet and the interface does not suggest that is the case.


That one probably deserves its own thread, but I am too illeter… illettra… I am too lazy to take fancy screenshots and make extended descriptions!

The Wonderboy 3 remake from Lizardcube, previously available on the PS4, was launched on Steam today:

This is quite an incredible piece of work. The game screams the love for its original material through and through, even in its option menu.
The main author and programmer of this remake is Omar Cornut, who is known for Meka, one of the most accurate emulation efforts around, which he dedicated to the Sega Master System. He wanted every slight glitch, every little off-pixel, rendered in his emulator back then, and that same attention to details shows through this original port. While it may seem like a gimmick, the ability to switch on the fly between retro and new looks and sounds is quite amazing - and could be welcome, considering the new aesthetics may be divisive to some.
While the gameplay is untouched, some concessions have been (happily) made to the modern player, like letting you keep your money upon your death - although there are various difficulty modes, so maybe that is absent from the hard one.
And you can play as the legendary Wonder Girl.
There are lovely touches (visiting the shops in both retro and new looks is worth it), extra bonus unlocked as you play… hell even the credits are a sight.
And the original game is still an incredibly innovative and good game to this day.

Here is a random video I found, exhibiting the two faces of the remake (I didn’t figure how to do that in the PC version, not that I would, it is quite confusing). It is commented, sorry for that.

Edit: I should probably mention, for those who don’t know the original, that it is a quite short game.


I’m now 20 hours into LOGIstiCAL. I blame BrianRubin.

There comes a point in this game where you find a broken road and it calls for 500 concrete to repair, and you’re all, “500? I’ve forgotten how to count that low!”

One day soon, I will discover the wool yarn factory, and then my fishing industry will finally come into its own.

Oh God, I need help.