Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Harrumph. It was also previously available on the Nintendo Switch*… over which my ‘buy’ finger has hovered precariously on a couple of occasions. You make a good case for that finger to return and complete it’s downward journey!

*oh and the XB1 I guess. ;)

LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling

I am so jelly of you right now. I’m only 6 hours in. Loving it though.


Come, join me my friend.


hell yeah. this looks like a big improvement on the stuff they did with neon chrome.

will this go to early access after being greenlit or is it finished?


I don’t think they have ever done early access (which might be showing that they know what they are doing and don’t need our input, from their past exploits ;), so my guess is it will release when it releases, assuming it gets past those silly Valvish doors.


Software Inc. is on sale at the moment. Does anyone know how’s it shaping up? It looked pretty interesting when RPS did a piece on it a while back, but also quite barebones.


Been playing The Final Station, I really like it. Good basic controls and tight game play. Love the art style.


Picked up For the King and have been giving it a try. Initially, I had a positive reaction, there’s a lot of depth and strategy. But as I have gone along, I’ve had some concerns:

  1. Nagging issue with the camera and interface. In battle, you need to choose your type of attack, then your target, but the camera angle sometimes makes selecting the target problematic, so that you are clicking only a couple pixels away from firing at the (wrong) target. Maybe an EA thing, maybe not.

  2. Lots of abilities, usually coming with the weapon. But as far as I can see, there is no indication what the ability means. Okay, that sword gives me “Encourage” – so what does that mean? Guess I can buy the weapon and find out. Or not, sometimes even when the skill visibly fires in battle, it is not clear what it actually did. Again, maybe an EA thing.

  3. Clearly there is more going on when it comes to figuring your success percentage than meets the eye. Basically, each attack (and many other actions) requires rolling a number of dice, which are measured against a particular skill. But as best as I have seen, the enemy always succeeds on all dice rolls, yet often gets a miss as a result. And although there’s a strong correlation between my dice rolls and my results, it’s far from always fitting. Probably I am just not understanding something, but again, I think that that is because, like the meaning of skills, things are not made clear.

  4. It also appears impossible to win. Not difficult, but impossible. I clear out opponents on every turn building up all the goodies and experience possible on level one, but on level two most anything I try, I get a warning screen that my party is not yet ready for that. And they are correct. :)

Of course, lots of people have won, but here’s the thing: It looks to me like this is another of those games where you are supposed to lose a lot of times and build up “lore points” until you can buy character classes and other stuff that will allow you a fighting chance. Maybe just me, but I am turning against this gaming trend. It is really just a requirement to grind, and not particularly enjoyable grinding at that. If I am playing an RPG wandering the land looking for extra encounters to build up experience and equipment, the exploration can be enjoyable enough to make grinding a fun part of the game. But needing to re-start and play essentially the same level over and over again until you can purchase the character classes that allow a real attempt, that design does not fit my tastes at all. Of course, ymmv, and I may be missing something here.


I agree with you on number 1, but I think that’s an EA thing. I wouldn’t worry about it. But you should be able to click the monster icon on the initiative bar to select it.

Regarding number 2, Encourage is the Special Ability of the Minstrel, not an ability granted by an item. Check the help screen for a listing of all of the Special Abilities of the heroes.

Regarding number 3, each stat is your percentage chance of rolling a success for an item that uses that stat. So the higher the stat, the more likely you are to roll a success on an individual die. But many abilities require X number of successes to proc an effect. Short of that, each success will do damage that I believe to be the number of dice rolled divided by the max damage times the number of successes.

If you join the game’s Discord server, you’ll be able to interact with the receptive devs and gain access to the current beta branch, which is being used to test design changes to the push-the-player-forward mechanic. The devs are encouraging players to try it and provide feedback.


Thanks, somehow I overlooked that page of the help screen. (But I have seen the special abilities of various classes show up on weapons, as well, fwiw)

I understand the general theory, just skeptical that that is what I am seeing in battle. I believe that some other adjustments are being made, such that the odds change depending on the situation, and various resistances are not quite what they are labeled as. Maybe I am wrong, who knows. But I do know that opponents almost always get a perfect roll, but they certainly do not always get a good result.

I did leave one very significant thing off my concerns. I really do not like accessibility of the map view. I feel like I am fighting with the mouse to scroll around the map, and that is something you really have to do a lot.


What the…

Carrier deck time management game from Afghanistan 11 and Vietnam 65’s EverySingleSoldier.
Didn’t even know this was a thing. Is that a Johan Nagel design too?


I dunno, all I know is that I want it.


I got all excited about it until I watched some gameplay video. It strikes me as a tarted-up, frantic, tower defense game. Worse, if even so much as a single attacker gets through, you lose the mission and have to start over.

I guess they can’t all be Afghanistan '11.


Yeah, insta-fail seems to be a staple of the air traffic genre (that’s a genre!). Not a fan of that either.


Cool, I got The Final Station for free on Xbox One, been looking forward to trying it out. Zombies and trains are like chocolate and peanut butter, dude.


Sakuna of Rice and Ruin, I think this game might exist solely to perplex @TimJames

It has combat like this

But it’s also part farming sim!




I’m going to play one of these things, it just depends which one.

That combat gif looks so much like Aztez.


I’m actually excited about this event now.

Please send help.


Don’t get excited Tim. It’s a game, so I’m sure it’s only going to break your heart.