Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


You seem enthusiastic but you totally lost me there:


It’s just an expanded color palette, which includes green, blue and brown tones and a full black gradient which offers far more variety than the original Build engine titles.

Duke 3D and Shadow Warrior, for example, have four hues with 32 shades, while the rest of the hues only got 16 shades. Blood, on the other hand, had one hue with 32 shades. Ion Maiden’s palette is more visually adventurous even if it’s less consistent than the older titles. I thought the screenshots would demonstrate the richer range while being true to the limitations expected of the classic Build era titles.

I see your point though, as it’s probably a bit nerdy of me to be excited over!


Might be a spelling joke?

Also don’t be afraid to create a new thread for cool mod projects like this. Or make a general DN3D mod thread. I hate to see interesting stuff buried in threads like this that keep moving on to new things.


Haha, thanks for the explanation: i was totally outnerded!


A space for mods and maps for classic titles would be a good idea! This is a commercial product, but I’ll totally make a thread when the demo’s released (shouldn’t be too far away) once the game’s formally revealed. There’s still a number of details that haven’t been announced yet (publisher, price, number of episodes, etc…), so I figured I would just let people know about the game here until the team starts the PR blitz.

@Left_Empty it’s like when folks get annoyed that someone says a retro platformer is 8 bit-inspired when it’s using a 16 bit style. I didn’t want to present Voidpoint as pretender posers because they’re the real deal!

That’s when you know you’re in too deep!


[quote=“MrTibbs, post:802, topic:73462, full:true”]I see your point though, as it’s probably a bit nerdy of me to be excited over!

Well, now that you’ve explained it, that is kinda cool. At first, I wondered if you posted the wrong image or something.



Haha, I should’ve just posted Cage’s sprite weapon tutorial instead, as it does a great job demonstrating his considerable pixel art skills. I really need to learn to write a draft post, wait a moment, and then give my posts a proper edit before I hit reply. It would save everyone so much grief!


That’s a mesmerizing video. It’s engrossing to watch and shows that the guy really has a lot of talent. Thanks for linking that.


There is a new game streaming service coming soon focused on indie titles:

It is starting with 60 games and will be adding 10 per month and it will be priced at $10 per month.

This seems expensive to me unless the catalogue is really good but this remains to be seen.


Solar Settlers has been delayed to the 26th

I blame Tom.


Oh gosh, I was told there was an embargo until the release date.


That was said in jest. In fact, I was surprised to learn that there was an embargo, since one of the developers participated in the livestream last week.


Well, that’s good, I was worried.


Anybody tried this yet:

Looks very interesting


A friend of mine tried it and thought it had some interesting ideas, but ended up hating it because:

  • you have to buy hotkeys with gems;
  • the combat window jumps around on screen to make it more difficult to hit the “attack” button in battle.

That was enough for me to lose interest, but for others it might be part of the charm, so YMMV.


Fuck both of those things. Ouchies. I’m totally waiting for a deep cut/bundle on this one (like space games, I need to own all the roguelikes, for reasons…).


Morphite lands on September 7:


Now Solar Setlers is being released tomorrow.

But I still blame Tom :)


Content has been obviously cut!


Saw this released on steam today, anyone own it?

Review video: