Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


This came out on Android last year. You can find plenty of videos of game play, which I would think will remain pretty much the same.


Here’s a much better example of game play

I’m sold.


Good lord! Did they name that color scheme “eyebleed”?


I liked Milkmaid of the Milky Way, an old school find it and click it adventure game.

I also spent about 15m after I played it thinking only in rhyme. It doesn’t feel right to speak with rhyming, prose without meter is creativity dying!


Yeah I just couldn’t play that.


First the graphics appealed to me for some shady reason, but the cherry on the cake is that you can choose between three color patterns [Yellow / Green / Purple] depending on your tastes and eye sensitivity, which keeps this oppressive and really neat atmosphere.

I pulled the above from a Steam Review. Purple could be cool.


That’s good to know. I agree it’s atmospheric, but wow.


I’m playing with the purple/black color scheme (called Poison Ivy for some reason) and while a marginal improvement, you’re still basically looking at the same two colors for every screen.

That said, even though I’ve only played through 2 season so far (6 turns) I can see this is going to be challenging…


They are offering Alpha signups now. Not sure what the chance is of getting in.

The pixel art gifs are so good on their twitter!

And steam page:


Thank you! I’ll give it a try and if not, well I will wait for views and open wallet accordingly.


So I’m about 2/3 of the way through my first game of Shrouded Isle, and so far it’s been ridiculously easy. Even with no idea of what I was doing for a large part of that, unless the game throws some monkey wrench at me towards the end, I don’t see any way that I would lose.


Must be a high chaos game. I am two games in and got booted after the first year each time.


Frankly, Rod, I like yours better. I still boot it up from time to time.


Oh thank you! I hope to do a new update late next week. On vacation so got time to finalize stuff.


Are we talking about Cults and Daggers? That game has been on my wishlist since Day 1, and I always look for it on some discount during the steam sales to no avail. I know I should just pick it up RRP.


That’s the one. Maybe Mr. Humble will take the hint.


There’s no hint! I am curious, though, whether it was never on sale because of a deliberate decision, steam didn’t cooperate, the developer studio disbanded, or something else.


Nah just laziness on my part and I wanted to give the folks who bought it at full price a good long time of full value before any discounts. I will get round to it at some point. Maybe after this next update so please hold off a while :) Valve has been fantastic with me nothing to do with them at all.


Back on Topic. I beat Shrouded Isle with my next attempt. Yeah I think this is a very light easy to understand game to dip into every year or so I think. I kinda wish they had added some extra levels of complexity of a campaign mode or something. Still fun, but definitely on the mirco strategy quick fix end of the spectrum.


And as it turned out, I posted prematurely with absolutely no idea of what the hell I was talking about (typical). I assumed all i had to do was survive the 3 years with positive relationships with the 5 families and all meters in the black. I did, and got booted out of town for my troubles. It was only after going to the Steam forum that I learned you have to identify and sacrifice the 9 heretics to actually “win”.

Someone on Steam commented that this is essentially Werewolf, and that seems a fitting description.