Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Thanks for the writeup (and the Bundle Stars tip). This actually sounds pretty good.


That’s very detailed, thanks for the impressions. Sounds like the Bundle Stars deal is better than the Steam coupon too.


I’ll probably stream Distrust tomorrow, but in case it’s not clear from Mysterio’s write-up, it has nothing in common with The Thing. Except that they’re both set in snowy bases. The Thing was about paranoia, uncertainty, and freaky Rob Bottin special effects. Distrust is about desperately searching for a plank so you can repair the broken couch so you can sleep on it before your stamina runs out, but instead finding a piece of candy in a locker, but now the little floating balls that do damage to you – err, I mean, aliens – are in your way. Which building was that broken couch in again?



Based on what the devs have said, your characters will acquire psychological afflictions that can only be cured with full rest, which is a bugger, since sleeping spawns aliens. I’ve experienced two so far (one prevented a character from hearing anything and I forgot what the other one did). I expect these afflictions will be more debilitating in higher zones, but we’ll see. But I do think they need to provide more information on the map, because it can be frustrating.


Do want!


Well THAT looks amazing. Thanks for the tip!


Its from the Crypt of the Necrodancer folks, so we can only imagine how awesome it will be.


This looks good, and surprisingly high graphics for the price, from the Thomas Was Alone polygon emotion simulator:

As featured on Polygon:


Oh crap super sold.


Here comes a mouthful! Digital Extremes and Human Head Studios recently announced Survived By, a F2P, pixel art, rogue-like, bullet-hell MMO. It’s similar to Realm of the Mad God with a similar death system to Rouge Legacy.

You can sign-up for the alpha here.

Game Informer preview:

While there may be a deluge of pixelated indie fare out there, the art really works here with insane ballistic bullet-hell action on every screen. The action is extremely fast-paced and intense, and adding these sort of MMORPG aspects to the roguelike bullet-hell forms a tasty mix of elements that was quite enjoyable on the show floor.

Check out the video to get an idea of what Survived By is all about. I’m really glad I didn’t miss this one at PAX, because it could end up being something special!

Here’s a Twitch interview with the developers.


Industries of Titan looks bloody good. On the wishlist it goes!


I like these types of games, I wishlisted this:


Oh, I do too! Looks cool. Looks like an awesome game for a rainy day.


Wishlisted. If you’d like to try something similar, but more chess-like, there’s Khet 2.0


Magi is part of the weekly Steam sale:

I remember reading about this one yeaaaaars ago. Did anybody play it and have some thoughts to share about it?


Heat Signature by Tom Francis (Gunpoint) is releasing on 21st September. I can’t wait to play this.


Me neither! Super excited!


Puzzle game lovers need to keep their eyes open for this one:


Steamworld Dig 2, comes out September 22nd!


Out tomorrow! Super excited. Watched a Let’s Play and it looks pretty polished.