Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Insta-buy. And it’s on the Switch!


I think several folks here will be all over this one. It will be my vote for next Wed. since it’s out this Thursday.


Tom might beat our vote, if he stops streaming MMORPG on fridays.


I think he mentioned possible Guild Wars play for Friday.


Playing Heat Signature now. So far, it’s Hotline Miami meets Spaz.


Does it take the best things from both?


Too early to say.


Has anybody checked this out?


Heat Signature is so good.

It also doesn’t need “Written by Tom Francis” on it at the beginning because even the tutorial text is pretty heavy with his thumbprint.

I just ran up against a guard in armour. My concussion round bounced off of him, as did my longsword, so I ran for cover around a corner and hid. When he poked his face out at me I hit him so hard with a concussion hammer that he flew backwards down a corridor that ran the entire length of the ship out through a window and was gone. He may never stop moving.


Is it playable on laptops with a trackpad or does it require a 3 button mouse or require mouse + WASD at the same time or something?



I’d have thought you could do it with a trackpad. It does do mouse and WASD, but the crucial bits are pausable.


Trackpad would make things much trickier, but not impossible due to how much time you spend paused when the space spanners start to fly.


What’s the resolution/framerate support like on Heat Signature? It’s Gamemaker engine right? So probably somewhat limited?


Thanks both!


I watched a bit of Katherine of Sky’s video on this and it looks like a neat train transport game. Quite pretty and looks like it could be really good. Early access on October 6.


That looks cool, and reminds me that I happened across this which also looks kinda cool:


I was just about to add Tracks!

This might be great to play with the little ones (or even without the little ones) : )

I love how you can knock down blocks with your trains (and the little wooden meeples - well spherical meeples)


Free browser game:


Another digital card/board game from Asmodee. Harald is out for Android, IOS and is on Steam

Steam price is only five magic beans, which puts it within my “why the hell not?” parameters. I have no idea if cross-platform is supported, but judging by the publisher’s other releases, I’m guessing yes.


It definitely piques my interest. @LordGek was in the beta, so I’ll be interested in hearing your impressions, as well.