Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Interesting puzzler just came out. I’ve only got to the 3rd world. What I like is that I can sometimes see the solution in my mind before I execute,.


That looks cool. I’d like to see video of a few levels without cuts to see how it actually plays.


I’m definitely enjoying Harald, although I wish there was a way to adjust the AI difficulty. I’ve gotten my butt handed to me by a single AI opponent twice now.

Definitely falls into the “easy to learn…” camp, as using the cards’ abilities is critical to success, and the AI is ruthless. I can see this being a lot of fun with real people, as 80% of the game is screwing with the other players.


Are you playing on Steam or mobile version? I was thinking of trying this on iOS.




This looks pretty interesting:

RPS wrote a bit about it:


Sounds kinda deep and strategic. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.


Hope it’s alright that I drop a non-PC title in here! Golf Story just came out on Switch and with about 2 hours of playtime I’m really enjoying it. The golf is easy so far, maybe difficulty is going to ramp up in later courses but it feels like the golfing is more of a vehicle for the story than meant to be an excruciating challenge.


Me, too. My wife – not so much. The game uses the hi-def rumble/vibration so heavily that the incessant noise of the controllers rumbling means that I’m not allowed to play the game in the same room with her. Not sure why it bothers her so much, when the button clicking (which also is loud) doesn’t, but anyhow… Can the rumbling be turned off?


When you start the game on the main title screen. Hit + and go to Settings. You can turn off Rumble & Music there.


Awesome, thanks! I poked around for it a bit last night but was in game and didn’t see that option. My wife was shooting daggers with her eyes. I’m not sure why the rumble noise bothers her so much.


She was (obviously) not ready to rumble.


Haha. Exactly. I walked right into that one.

PSA: Mario Golf may ruin your chances for sexy time.

The slow death of $60 single player gaming

Any chance that anyone knows anybody that knows anything about this?


Never heard of it but looks cool. Thanks!


Not much. They have been working on it for several years now. TA thread here


It felt too by-the-numbers for me. As someone who played a lot of Jyhad back in the day, and loved the asymmetry among the factions, I was disappointed at how the theming in this was mainly the artwork. Seemed like a run-of-the-mill card game with vampire pictures on it.
But I didn’t stick with it for very long, so I’d be happy to hear from someone who’s spent more time with it.



Thanks. Think I’ll pass, then.



I bought it on Steam and played one game against the AI. Thought I was doing great but the last turn killed me. It is hard keeping all the different scoring relationships straight in your head.

If you want to play a game against me I am geetop.

The hardness reminds me when we both tried to beat the tutorials in Prismata! : )


I’d be up for that except we both have to be online at the same time to setup a game. After that, turns are async, I think. Where do you live?