Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


X-Com (the original) meets Chaos Overlords? Yes, please.

Vigilantes. It’s early access but only $10.

Have some game play..

As an aside, this is the first time I’ve seen one of this guy’s videos, and I really like his style a lot.


Sold. I liked Chaos Overlords but I felt like there should be more to it. Adding tactical combat is perfect. It looks to me like there’s a bit of RPG DNA in there as well, specifically Wasteland 2.

Now I’ll just try to resist the urge to play it until it releases.


Not sure if this is the best thread, but I just returned from the European Conference on Game-Based Learning where a swiss game about data security and privacy won first prize in the 5th International Educational Games Competition:
Datak can be played in English, I see the embed is in French.


Top-down shooter inspired by STALKER:

Beta/demo here:


Warbanners just got released.

Anyone here can offer a review? Is it worthy enough to have it’s own thread?


Been watching over it for a while, I’d love to hear impressions (and how the English version is faring)


I am a sucker for games like this. The last one I enjoyed a lot was Battle Brothers.


Bomber Crew drops tomorrow. Advance word is pretty positive, as it seems to be a marriage between FTL and the RAF, with a bit more depth.

My main questions is whether you can issue orders while paused, and I’ve yet to get a straight answer.


Funny you should mention Battle Brothers:


This reads definitely like it is an update ot Drums of War.
I really liked that game, and enjoyed the approach of handcrafted scenarios where you are supposed to figure how to make best use of the environnment. Definitely keeping this one under my radar!


From what I’ve seen on Youtube, sadly no.


Yeah, from a video of the final build I watched this morning, it’s probably too frantic for me.


Thanks for posting that. This is just the kind of game I love but the on-rails design is something I hate in these games. I agree with the reviewer. You have to have more stuff to do than just one relentless mission after another, after another. They should have at least offered scenarios.


Tom is offering in his lottery for supporters. If I win I’ll post my impressions. This game sounds harder than Battle Brothers, gulp!


From the review above, it sounds like another game that I liked. Templar Battleforce. With fixed scenarios and RPG elements of troop compositions.


That is a great game that I need to play more.




Nowhere Prophet

Was made aware of it by this video:

Currently available for $19.99 during First Access:

You’ll receive a Steam key once it’s released:

Dev Update #1 after first week of First Access:


That looks AMAZING! Splat is wrong about one thing, though. I think the better comparison is Banner Saga, not FTL. But who cares!

Wish this were in EA on Steam, instead of on


For refund purposes? If not, you’ll receive a Steam key once it’s released on Steam, just as was done with Antihero (which had First Access on, as well, and went flawlessly (for me, at least!)).