Little Indie Games Worth Playing


Definitely reminds me of Soldat.


It makes sense since Transhuman Design is the company founded by Soldat’s programmer (He even mentions it in the email he has been sending around about the release of Butcher).


It’s also effing hard. The first two levels weren’t too bad, but the third - a single platform arena where you’re assaulted by several waves of different enemies - took me about 20 attempts to get past. I like it a lot though. I’ve never played Soldat, but it’s one of those games that has a slick, responsive feel, great feedback, and a philosophy similar to the recent Doom where you just have to keep moving. Similarly, killing enemies drops ammo which blinks out if you don’t reach it quickly enough, forcing you to keep moving otherwise you’re going to run out of ammo real fast. Then you revert to the chainsaw which, in my case at least, basically means instant death. I can’t use that thing with so many ranged enemies. So yeah, hard.


That makes a lot of sense, damn thing looks exactly the same, but better.


It is? Definitely a must buy them!

Though this statement left me a bit confused: The guy who did Soldat went on to do the excellent King Arthur’s Gold, and I (used to) regularly get spammed by the KAG2d mailing list, so surely if they had a new game out I’d have heard of it?

Turns out it is the KAG2d people AND I got an email about it, I just completely ignored it. Perhaps because I forgot they were called “Transhuman Design” rather than “The Soldat guy”.

Edit: Argh, back in April they also released Trench Run and gave out 30%-off codes for it for previous KAG2d players. Now expired :’(


Slayaway Camp is a slasher-flick-themed spacial puzzle game with 1) a well-thought-out set of mechanics, carefully paced, and 2) gobs and gobs of juicy, gory polish. It feels like it should be a mobile game (and apparently that version is coming soon), but the Steam version is currently 26% off–a discount that gets it down to $6.65… I assume the closest they could get to $6.66.

There’s so much unnecessary but endearing icing layered on this simple cake that I just have to recommend it. It also has the best settings menu I’ve seen since Pony Island. Don’t miss the slider labelled “Sliders”.

(Hat tip to Video Game Hot Dog for bringing it to my attention!)

Stephen[Lavelle]'s Sausage Roll

It’s an expanded version of a free Flash game, in case anyone wants to try before they buy.


Thanks for the kind words! And yes, you can play a free web version at Kongregate ( or get the deluxe version on Steam ( The Steam version does have a lot more features and polish, though.



Finding Paradise (the sequel to the fantastic “To The Moon”) now has a Steam page!


Ah-ha! Now that I know it has some PopCap pedigree, it all makes sense! Congrats on the very fun little game, Mr. Kapalka!


From our own CliffyB comes Political Animals, which has quite a bit more depth than it would appear from the graphics.

It’s as if George Orwell designed Political Machine.

The two things I dislike are the least important - the graphics, which look like they were designed for a five year old, and the one really annoying music track that repeats over and over. Normally I leave music on in my games, but after about a minute I was ready to push a pencil through my eardrums.

If you can get past those, there’s a pretty good little game here.

Political Animals

Thanks kindly!


Oh yes, I’m loving Virginia although I’m only an hour in. It’s absolutely beautiful, the music is spot on, and the lack of “choice” doesn’t bother me at all. I am so grateful we got this and Firewatch in the same year. Games are going places they’ve never been before. I am blown away at just how much the environment is telling you about the people and the story, very clever.


I am sure its been mentioned before in here, but Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist is just fantastic. Played through it 3 times just to get all the achievements. It was worth my time. Pretzels!

And I just realized we have 2 indie game threads! D:


This released, anyone get it ? It is 25% off right now.


@lordkosc - I’m interested but something tells me it will turn out to be more of a puzzle game than city builder. I’ll wait for impressions and gladly dive in if it turn out I was wrong.


I played it back in early access, and I’d say if the look of it appeals to you, you should consider grabbing it. It does have the feel of a one-man project, but it’s basically well done. Building vertically is challenging and takes planning!

I’ll try to check in with it again now that it’s released and maybe report back with more in-depth thoughts.


Well, lots of new stuff in the release version of Block’hood. There is a short campaign/tutorial, and a new set of systems for attracting people and animals to your “hood.” It’s definitely not a puzzle game. It is a building/resource management game with a focus on sustainability and balancing the input and output of dozens of resources/externalities. Houses making a lot of organic waste? You can build an algae farm that consumes it to make algae. Then put that in a bioincinerator to generate energy… aaaand pollution, so plant some of the right kind of trees. Besides resources and waste products, other commodities you balance are abstract things like community and sickness and education. When you get a lot or a little of certain things, it sets off events that can change the world, often negatively, causing decay in the blocks you build.

Trying to figure out an efficient way to build vertically is still a little funky. Given how hard it is to work with a three-dimensional grid, the interface is pretty decent, but sometimes a little obscure. Why can’t I build there? It just doesn’t let me and doesn’t explain.

I think the core of the game is sandboxy, looking to you to decide what kind of world you want to build. It can swing from nature preserve to commercial wonderland.


At $7.50 I may just give it a shot.


Has anyone been able to get into Beholder? I tried it out last night and while the atmosphere of it did a nice job, the actual game play was pretty weak for me. Unless it opens up later in the game, I found myself just trying to observe people I suspected of wrongdoing be either installing cameras in their apartment or peeking through the keyhole, searching their apartment when they left, and having conversations when I needed some info.

While the atmosphere is good, I didn’t find that it captured the oppressiveness of the situation as well as Papers Please. Also while the game play in Papers Please was also basic, I found Papers Please to feel more “like a game” and enjoyed trying to examine the peoples’ papers for pertinent information. I just found the observation mechanic in Beholder pretty boring.