Little Indie Games Worth Playing


New incremental game about being an artificial intelligence that makes… paperclips? And then slowly develops the ability to do more. Not your typical clicker. Author is Frank Lantz of the prestigious NYU Game Center. He also made Drop7.


FYI this is no doubt referring to the "paperclip maximizer"


An idle game that ironically idle when you put it in the background or switch tabs. Maybe prestigious, but a bit of a douche that designer is.

Edit: yes, I am butthurt.


Ah-ha! I felt like there was something I was missing.

@Left_Empty – I thought that was a weird decision also. But from what I saw it keeps running if it’s in the background, but not if you’re in another tab in the same browser? Am I wrong?


It’s the browser that pauses the script execution when it is on a background tab, most likely.


Bottom of the 9th made the move from mobile devices to Steam yesterday.

I like the way it uses D6 to model a pitcher/batter duel. I’m not crazy about the button-mashing when the batter gets a hit, but fortunately there’s a turn-based alternative.

With a bit of fleshing out this could be a good system for a full-fledged baseball sim.


This does look pretty cool. I’ve thought if I ever try and make a game, a baseball themed strategy game would be right up there. I used to love baseball, played it for years and loved following the Yankees from around 1976-1991. Then I grew tired of watching it and just got away from the sport.

I think OOTP Baseball is a good game with the wide variety of leagues it supports, the rule variations, etc… - but I think it fails in some main areas.

  1. While there is definitely a variety in performance between various players, I never really feel that the system they use makes players feel like individuals. i.e. Batter A is a great hitter, but has trouble against a particular pitch. Pitcher B has great control and tries to nibble at the corners not giving the batter a great pitch, while Pitcher C comes right at the batter and tries to overpower them with speed or great movement.

  2. OOTP doesn’t do a very good job at offering engaging choices to make during a game. Sure you can steal or hit and run - but the way it handles pitch by pitch vs just the result pitch doesn’t work for some things very well (like when to pitch out or steal).

  3. OOTP tries to simulate baseball without 'gamifying it, which can be good if that is what you want - but sometimes I want to play something with more interesting choices. While OOTP has players who get hot and cold, that designation only means they have performed well or not - not that their ratings are inflated or deflated. I want to deal with a pitcher who just doesn’t have their stuff today. Is Ron Guidry not pitching well due to random chance, or is he distracted so I should pull him out early. Or is the batter on a tear because they are seeing the ball really well and have their ratings adjusted accordingly, or has it been random chance. I just want more choices to make.


Hoping this one gets through early access OK. Anyone been playing it?


OMG, I somehow own this. I’ve never played this, but I’ll load it up and report back.


My friend Frank Lantz made this free browser clicker/idle game about AI’s and space exploration

I think it is very good indeed.

Edit, fixed link


Just an FYI on this - player performance impacts morale, which in turn impacts performance (among other things). In short, hot hitters are a little more likely to stay hot from one game to the next so you usually want to ride them, while cold hitters are a little more likely to stay cold so giving them some breaks or sliding them down the lineup may be called for.


So I was enjoying the first few tutorial missions of Post Human W.A.R. It was well-written, the tactical engine was satisfying and the different factions were both adorable and deadly. I had to go while playing the third tutorial, and then discovered there was no way to save the game, at least in that tutorial mission. Thaaaaaat kind of killed my momentum.


Correct. I played OOTP obsessively for about five years and only focused on the general manager part of it, not the field manager. Running the organization is where it shines, not so much the play on the field.

Here you go.


Is Super Mega Baseball pretty good? I own that on Xbone, haven’t tried it yet.


It’s arcade-y and cartoony, but actually a pretty good sim of on-the-field baseball. I played on Steam with a controller.


I forgot that morale has a small impact on performance. It’s main use (I’m pretty sure) is how willing they are to sign contract extensions. Truth be told I’ve always found the morale system to be a little wonky so I usually turn it off due to things like “Player X is mad because you didn’t bat them in the 3rd spot”. In my next league I am planning on turning it on since it has been a while, and they added things like team chemistry. I figured I’d try keeping as many things on as I could to give the systems another chance.

I’ve also though about playing with ratings off. Usually I just turn them to a 1-5 or 1-8 scale, but if I keep them off I’ll need to judge them by their performance.


I already have Super Mega Baseball and it was a ton of fun! I don’t think it’s too long before the sequel is supposed to come out (months, not years).


Here’s your next assignment. Don’t mess this one up.


“Momentum”, not “Mo’ Men Cum”. C’mon now.


I clicked on this just to see how anyone could call a clicker “good”. Now I’m 18 million paperclips in…