Little Indie Games Worth Playing


I already have Super Mega Baseball and it was a ton of fun! I don’t think it’s too long before the sequel is supposed to come out (months, not years).


Here’s your next assignment. Don’t mess this one up.


“Momentum”, not “Mo’ Men Cum”. C’mon now.


I clicked on this just to see how anyone could call a clicker “good”. Now I’m 18 million paperclips in…


Heh :) I managed to ruin productivity at work today by sharing it with colleagues. Glad you like it! Yeha Frank & team did a really good job here.


He has to finish live streaming Dream Daddy first.


Heliborne - gem of a game by 4 man team. SP/Coop/MP. Combat helicopters along with ground forces in support. A blast to play with depth. Imagine all the combat helicopters from Nam forward and you got them. And you play in different eras. ‘Nam feels like Nam.


I like Bottom of the 9th quite a bit, but not without some reservations. It is very heavily influenced by dice rolls. I have gone through some pretty bad streaks regarding base running, where I should have better than a 50% success rate. I’m sure it works both ways and that the player will have lucky streaks too - but it does get frustrating when my series goes down the drain because of a ton of failed base running roles.

There are several modes of play, but I have been concentraing on the manager’s challenge. The player needs to win 4 out of 6 games and also gets scored on some other criteria to get a final ranking. The games each have their own conditions which shakes things up a bit. I’ve gotten my moneys worth already just playing this.

I prefer the classic method of pitching used by the AI - which is card based, so as you get through the deck you can start to figure out the most likely pitch. The other is more of a straight guessing game where the pitcher can “use up” some of their options so some choices get eliminated.

Maybe I’ll try and write something up more coherent, but I’m happy with the purchase, but I’d advise those who are very random adverse to stay away.

What will you play in the weekend?

I couldn’t play it on my phone because they chose to limit it to iOS 10, but reading all this, and knowing well I am baseball deprived, I am going to grab it, and maybe throw a gauntlet your way sometime!


I agree that the dice can seem weighted at times. I normally have no patience for people who claim the computer “cheats” when die rolls don’t go their way, but I’ve come close to being one of them.

I like the manager’s challenge campaign, and the wrinkles it can throw in like double headers. I haven’t tried the classic pitch method, since the tutorial encourages you to learn the other one, but will give it a shot.


Wow, on the next hardest difficulty there is a pretty BS pitcher card that gets repeatedly shuffled in when the game has the Sunset special effect - “Batter predicts both incorrectly”. As the game went on over half of the pitcher’s deck had this card in, which meant the player needs to get awfully lucky to get a batter on base. After tieing the game up in the 8th inning, I really couldn’t do much of anything.

I still like the game, but there are some things that make it tough through some BS.

I think there is a mode that actually lets you play out a full game. If that exists I need to try that.


Let me know if you find it. As I posted earlier, with a couple of tweaks this could be an excellent system for a full-fledged baseball sim.


I think it may have been in the boardgame. I read some info on it before buying the PC game and I think I mis-remembered it being in the PC game.


I tried the “classic pitch” game and didn’t care for it at all. It made guessing the pitch 100% luck based. With the other system you can at least make an educated guess based on the fatigue levels.


You can play the percentages though and decide to play it safe by picking a location that is more likely to match at least 1 part, but maybe less likely to be exact - or go for the exact match at the risk of getting no matching parts.

I see where you’re coming from though and think they both have their strengths.


I just managed to speak out a manager’s challenge out on veteran difficulty with a game 6 win hitting a bases loaded double with an 0-2 count. Some of those advanced effects are brutal.


I think you converted me to the non-classic pitching. There is something satisfying wearing the pitcher’s stamina down. I just won a managerial challenge vs the Hard AI pitching. In game 6 I made him go through all of his pitchers, and then the last one down so I knew where the pitch was going to be. I had bases loaded and 2 outs, with a count of 2-0. I got a pitch I could have made contact with but chose to make it a strike. I figured I rather try and work for a walk to bring in the winning run, rather than chance it with having to do the base running role. I won - it was pretty exciting!


An impressive update was just released for For The King with a lot of QoL additions!


So did I screw up in this game (Paperclips) and guide myself into a deep dark hole? I have unlocked investments and strategic modeling. I have one project available, to get what I assume is the next big feature: Hypnodrones. But that takes 70,000 operations and I’m at about 60,000 max. Quantum computing can break that max, but not by nearly enough. At the pace I’m going, getting to 68k, from which I can probably stretch to 70k, will take days of just letting the game run.

The mistake I made seems to be how I split my Trust. I went 60/40 in memory/processor. Memory was clearly more important, but I figured I’d be sad if I didn’t have some processor speed. Now I’m basically stuck.

I’m starting to suspect that part of the point of the game is that it rewards “degenerate” or less balanced approaches to the gameplay. Like, I would be way more successful focusing on marketing over production to make money, and memory over processors to earn operations. Is that anyone else’s experience?


You have to put way more trust into memory than processors, yeah - thankfully, I was able to move toward that in my playthrough as soon as I saw the 70K requirement for hypnodrones. Marketing is mostly pretty weak compared to production, though, unless you’ve got a lot of it.

The bad news: there’s no good way to get out of that hole if you get yourself into it. You can wait forever for more trust…or you can restart, by spamming quantum computing while it’s giving negative ops until you hit -10K.