Little Indie Games Worth Playing


So was I. A succinct video review posted today speaks of a need for late-game balance, but otherwise is generally positive.


For what it’s worth, I would still rather play Super Metroid itself than any other exploratory platformer, with the only other ones that come close being La-Mulana and Out There Somewhere.


Charming free ‘mammoth-sim’:

RPS stuff here:


I was watching a Rebel Galaxy stream (DO WANT SO BADLY), when the next game the youtuber was playing popped up, its called Planetbase!

Comes out on October 16th and its not Early Access, its the full game! :O

Guide a group of space settlers trying to establish an outpost on a remote planet. Grow food, collect energy, mine resources, manufacture bots, and build a fully self-sufficient colony.

Video to watch :


Yeah, Planetbase is likely a day one purchase for me, and I don’t make many day one purchases.


Oooh. That looks lovely, and I have never seen it before that I recall. Thanks for sharing (wallet does not thank)!


Ha ha ha. You slay me.





“The Mammoth requires you to protect several baby mammoths from the spears of human hunters. As the people swarmed endlessly around me, my children died. One by one. With nothing left to live for, I tried to run. I tried to find someplace new away from the murderous people.”

Jesus…this sounds horribly depressing.


Cool! It looks like a less goofy version of Firefly Studio’s awesome Space Colony. In!



It’s a game about loss. RPS explains the backstory.


yeah ‘Charming’ was more in relation to it’s graphical ‘caveman art’ style. And it probably is charming compared to any number of modern AAA fps violence porn? But yeah it is about loss, and indie in that ;)


As far as I can tell, this is the only mention of Ronin the game on the forum. I played 22 minutes of it and made it my first official Steam Refund ™ for gameplay reasons. It was massively janky in terms of combat and basically felt like an empty, bland and unwieldy riff on Gunpoint.


It’s not exactly new, but I still fire up Warning Forever from time to time. It’s a vertical shump that’s 100% boss battles. The boss starts pretty easy then evolves different configurations depending on how you go about destroying it. And you can’t argue with the price.


I love Warning Forever, but I have to be pedantic and say it’s not a vertical shooter, but a twin stick shooter disguised as a vertical shooter with faux scrolling and ship orientation :P


Well, I will give a strong endorsement to Axiom Verge now that I’ve finished it. I will probably still return to it to seek out the last few weapons I didn’t find. Because there are a LOT of weapons. And not all of them are amazing, but lots of them are. There are beam weapons, scatter-shot weapons, penetrating weapons, and crazy yo-yo weapons like the guy had in Rygar! The level design and enemy design overall is excellent. Pacing is superb, I thought. The story is interesting, but a bit hard to follow. There are Metroid homages all over the place, but they don’t seem cheap or lazy. Overall, the best Metroidy platformer I’ve played since… well, since I last replayed the first Metroid.


Meh, looks like like Turrican or Meteroid-stuff. What’s so unique about it for £15?


so hard to please ;) Well i suspect if your a Metroid fan it is ALWAYS going to be good to find stuff of the same quality? Would i spend £15 on it? Probably not, but i’m not a hard-core metroid fan :)


Well, if “Metroid” does nothing for you, then save your money and don’t play it.

I did leave out some of the things that the game has that you won’t see elsewhere in the genre: At one point you get a gun that glitches things out. You can use it on enemies, and on some sections of the environment. It makes them look like their assets were badly imported into the game, or if they already looked that way, makes them disappear. On the environment, this can help you get to new places. Used on enemies, it changes their behavior in a way that’s unique for every enemy type. For example, there is one little flying deelybobber that when you glitch it out and destroy it, all instance of that same enemy on the screen you’re on will be destroyed instantly. There’s a monster spawner object that when you glitch it starts to pump out health. Even a creature that after you glitch it you get to control it.

Another part of the glitch theme for abilities is that you become able to pass through walls of varying thickness. This is pretty unique, but mostly just equates to a new transversal option.


Space Food Truck. FTL as a deck builder, with the goal being to collect ingredients, cook meals, and deliver them to your customers scattered throughout a procedurally generated galaxy.

You only have to do it with 3 meals in order to win, which should give you an idea of the difficulty.