Little Indie Games Worth Playing


I didn’t even realize that Gremlins Inc was online only. I guess that’s great for server-side tweaks and quick fixes, but it’s weird that there wasn’t even an offline version.


An offline version is on the way, but the developers have said that the current version is the one that will get all the love as far as patches, DLC, etc. is concerned.


I see Highlands is on sale this weekend, has anyone played it? I love the art style.


Some ‘freeloader’ action over here (in particular i really like shapeshifterbiker, very chill and fun to roll around in (do bikes ‘roll’?). RPS link ahead:


I’ve been digging Factory Idle. Like it says in the name it’s an idle style game with conveyor belts instead of clicking.


What was the verdict on Brigador? In gameplay videos it seems kind of slow wandering around the maps. Trailer trickery?


I don’t remember it being slow, at least not in a negative and boring way. I think the lighter much suits were faster. But usually you wanted the controlled slowness to avoid pulling in too many swarms.

Still, if you had to run back to to pick up some health or something it didn’t take too long.


Crows, Crows, Crows has released another free game.


Mu Cartographer is a bunch of knobs and a slice of landscape that becomes an intriguing, if mystifying, treasure hunt. Been playing it for an hour or so tonight and I’ve gotten the hang of a few of its tricks, but I’m still perplexed on one or two others. In fact, since it comes with no instructions and is meant to be understood through experimentation, I’m not 100% positive that there ARE any other tricks for me to learn. I’m just gathering so from some UI clues.

It’s definitely unique, has a rich and disquieting soundtrack, and will show you a lot of colorful (sometimes retinally damaging) pictures as you play.


I did end up figuring out all the ins and outs of Mu Cartographer. That’s basically the gameplay, is working out what each thing does. After that, there’s a lot of just finding all the hidden things with those tools. Each one you finds adds a little breadcrumb to the story. I really enjoyed my time with this modest little game.


35MM is moody, tense, and very Russian. The exploration-based gameplay isn’t as fun as it sounds, but it has a decent story and it’s only 3-4 hours long.


The Real Texas, a 2012 cute indie game about the nature of cowboyism, is getting a surprise Steam release.
The game isn’t the tight gaming experience you have come to expect from ‘indie games’, but it’s got a lot of heart, if you are in the right mood.


The sequel to my second-favorite game of 2015, Grow Home, is out… Grow Up! I have purchased it (maybe the first game I’ve bought for full price in two years) but haven’t played it. But I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s about as good as the first one. Which means, it’s totally worth playing!


Maze Lord is a tiny little puzzle game about clicking on stuff in a dungeon in the right order. So, it’s sort of like Desktop Dungeons, except smaller and much easier. It’s on sale on Steam this week for fifty freakin’ cents. If you’re looking for a light puzzle game, pick it up.


Streets of Rogue describes itself as the “world’s first RPG roguelike action stealth shooter brawler co-op megagame” is free during alpha, will be published by tinyBuild.

I’m not usually a fan of rogues/rogue-likes but this one really grabbed me thanks to the variety of the character classes and the multitude of methods in achieving the missions on the city maps…you can use stealth, guns, bombs, distractions, hacking, etc. For example, as the “Gang Member” character you start with a boombox that when placed on the ground starts playing a beat so irresistible that NPC’s within earshot will be drawn to it and will dance uncontrollably. Thereby allowing you to slip past them into areas they were guarding (theft mission)… or maybe you want to draw them out to stab them in the back (neutralize mission)… Or be a Vampire and suck blood when you need health… or a scientist with a Shrink Ray…

Maps and missions are procedural and pretty much everything is destructible.
NPCs are active and have their own agendas.Many can be recruited…for a fee or with the right trait.
Combat is fast, bloody and brutal and hilarious
Items are fun as well as useful (eat a banana to heal, then toss the peel to trip up a foe…shrink a dude and stomp on him…)
UI is quite good and easy to control with keyboard/mouse

I’m really impressed and can’t wait to see more from this developer.



Streets of Rogue is a lot of fun! Put an hour into it without realising it. Most of that time was spent just screwing around manipulating people, but there seem to be lots of different ways to approach the missions even though there’s not much variation in the missions yet. I’ll keep an eye on this.


It’s a shame that this game now posses the name 'Streets Of Rogue’s, when that name clearly described a roguelike version of Streets of Rage.


I’m having a blast with Streets of Rogue as well. Anybody know what I’m missing with the seemingly useless class of Bartender?


I am really, really loving Streets of Rogue my own self as well. Great combination of randomness and missions, which I just love love love.


I nearly didn’t check it out because of the name actually, but fortunately GuildBoss’ description made it clear it wasn’t a roguelike brawler. Anyone just seeing the name, though, might be a bit confused.