Little Indie Games Worth Playing


Anybody try this one yet:



I see what you did there.

Nope , haven’t tried it , but its on my radar now!


Oh yeah, it’s hard, but fantastically fun.


For The King (currently in EA) just received a significant update (v1.1.0) that changes the core mechanic of the game (for the better, IMO):

This update is focused on giving players control. As with many features in our updates, we’ve been working on quality of life improvements. This one at it’s core takes away the feeling of being yanked along the questline, and instead throws you in the world you’re dying (sometimes literally lol) to explore and tells you to deal with problems as you see fit. From a development perspective, it gives us a great foundation from which to expand and add gameplay features in the future. Things like Free Adventure Mode couldn’t have really existed with the previous system because the quest line was baked in with the push mechanic. In addition, we can now support future potential features like say - variable main quest lines so you’re not always guaranteed the same story, or new random encounters that could raise or lower Chaos in unexpected ways.

It’s an excellent game by devs that listen to the community and are really passionate about their game. If it’s part of the Summer Sale, I’d highly recommend snagging it.


I bought For the King when it first went into EA but had to refund it because after I played a little bit it would consistently crash (several others had the same problem). I tried several different versions of NVidia drivers to try to get it to work but nada. I and others posted crash logs and info in the bugs section of their Steam forum but none of us could never get any comment at all back from the devs on what was wrong or if they were ever going to fix it. I finally reluctantly had to refund it before the time limit on Steam refunds expired. I suspect it was a Unity issue and to me it looked like the developer was brand new to Unity and just had no idea how to fix it. The crash logs said “can’t load missing asset” so it sure seemed fixable to me. I was very disappointed by their lack of responsiveness.

That all said, the game intrigues me and if it’s on the Steam sale later today I will probably give it another go to see if they’ve finally fixed the issue and I won’t need another refund.


I probably should have clarified that they’re very active on their Discord channel. Have you reported your issue there?


I’ve had this on my wish list for months. Watched quite a bit of gameplay. In the end, I figured this was one more in a long line of things that looked great but I wouldn’t end up playing much. So, how does it play differently with the new changes? Does it still have the time pressure?


They are quite active on the Steam forums and I got an initial response from them in my bug thread asking if I’d tried a few simple things to fix it (turning off various graphics settings). I said yes and that was the end of that. I kept asking if they’d found the issue or had an ETA to fix it but never got another response. So, overall they appear to be active but don’t appear to respond well to issues they have no answer for. I would have preferred they just say “we don’t know what’s going on there” so I could have just gone ahead and refunded it early. They seem like nice devs and are indeed passionate about their game (which is just the kind of game I love). They just seem to have a strange responsiveness blind spot.


The big update they just released removes the time pressure.


Huh, interesting.


With the previous core mechanic, you had to complete main storyline quests within X days, which forced you along a certain path within the world. That’s why the patch notes mentioned being yanked; you really couldn’t explore more of the world at your leisure. If you did, you’d likely fail the quest:

“I’d really like to explore that part of the world. But if I do, I might not make it to the quest objective on time. Crap. Guess I’ll skip it.”

This was the main complaint voiced by players.

Now, you’re free to dilly dally as much as you like, wherever you like, but the Chaos clock is ticking. The longer you take, the tougher the world becomes. But there are mechanisms to reduce Chaos.


Ok, so there’s a soft clock and a cost for farting around too long. That makes sense.


Looks like it’s 25% off. I’m going to give it another try.


I’ve been waiting for this to go on sale! The developer has promised patches and new content, but of course there’s no guarantee. Read the reviews.


Bit cheaper on than Steam. Review

And of course everyone needs this (the DLC isn’t important):


Wuppo looks so nice. I have been eyeing that game for a while, but being terrible at platformers…


You should definitely pick it up


I picked up For the King again and the good news is the old crash bug I had appears to be fixed now so I can actually play. What’s not clear is what exactly are those mechanisms to reduce chaos? It doesn’t say anything about that in the Help. Does completing quests reduce chaos? How about side quests? Is there anything else? As a new player it’s about as clear as mud. I’m trying to judge how much I can explore without screwing myself.

Edit: Found this info in the latest patch notes. Quests, side quests and chaos generators apparently remove it.


Boy, I’m super happy I bought For the King again. I’m having a total blast with it. I definitely agree with @Mysterio that it’s an excellent game and I also heavily recommend picking it up on the Steam sale. I also really like the changes to Chaos made in the most recent big update.

It’s got some roguelike elements and is like Monster Slayers in that you unlock additional classes (and also equipment) as you play (and die) but it’s very different in almost every other way. I’ve never played anything quite like it. The overland map and all the cool stuff you can find at random is fantastic. I just picked up a carnival ticket in a chest to admit one character to the Dark Carnival, for example. Now to find it on the map and see what that’s all about.


I read a handful of reviews, and this seems to be a nice little tactical shooter.

Played a couple of missions, and it’s a lot of fun.