Little Indie Games Worth Playing


Anyone played this little indie TBS? I picked this up on sale because it said stuff that got my attention like:

◾ Three unique armies, each with their own distinct play style
◾ Choose your general from a variety of characters, each with their own special powers and enhancements
◾ Strategy without the random, results are fully deterministic
◾ Unlimited undos to find the best method of attack
◾ Combo system makes each follow up attack against the same target stronger than the previous
◾ Upgrade villages to increase your economy and access special units and effects
◾ Units gain experience by defeating enemies, yielding powerful champions and heroes
◾ Battle the AI across a sprawling campaign with unique battles and 3 difficulty modes
◾ Puzzle mode maps to test even the greatest generals
◾ Build your own maps and share them through Steam Workshop
◾ Battle others online with asynchronous game play

Apparently Advance Wars was an inspiration. It must not have been out long because there aren’t that many reviews yet.


I’m gonna pick that one up, most likely.


Looks intriguing. Please post impressions before the sale ends!


@BrianRubin. Please!


I’m gonna pick stuff up on Sunday, so I’ll dive in then.


The number of decent looking little indie games showing up in my Steam queue lately continues to astound me. I bought this one as well because… well because I love this kind of game and for $2 bucks and some change and 97% positive reviews, why on earth not?

Apparently this was a classic browser game on Kongregate that’s been redone now as a PC app with nicer graphics and full screen. It appears to be a party based pure dungeon crawler which I’m always up for. Apparently there’s a campaign and then an endless dungeon mode after that.


His new game, Monsters’ Den: Godfall comes out on July 6th. I believe the creator is a QT3er, is he not?

I had a lot of fun with Monsters’ Den Chronicles, and Kickstarted Godfall.,


From last year, but still a very good game, I am 2 hours in and really enjoying it.


Yes, see here


That Monsters’ Den game looks very interesting. It reminds me of FastCrawl. Is that right?


Yep. Except a lot more modern, and quite a bit cheaper.


Didn’t need more than that push! Love you guys :D


Lol I should probably buy it too. It’s been on my wishlist for ages, just hesitant because I played a lot of the older web version and I know it would likely be yet another backlogger. But, support the dev I guess!


This is so great.
It really is Fastcrawl, with err… Dream Quest’s art…
What a great day!


Uh, the art is Rembrandt compared to Dream Quest’s art.
Just cleared level one and I’m loving this. I’ll have to check out Godfall.


I backed the Kickstarter as I used to play the Kongregate game and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the release in a few days.


And you don’t tell anyone ¬_¬


And Godfall looks to be a huge step up in that department. Anyone know what it will cost?

By the way, there’s another inspired-by-dream quest game (the first being monster slayers) being developed called Meteorfall from Slothwerks (Tales of the Adventure Company) with an art style I’d describe as Adventure Time-esque.


$15.00 USD, with a launch discount of 10%.


I picked up Bio Inc. Redemption on a whim, and enjoyed the little bit of time I’ve spent with it so far. It’s been dismissed as a Plague, Inc. clone, which it is to some degree, but it’s much deeper and more difficult.

Having played the “good”(save the patient) tutorial and first campaign mission, and read some of the comments, my main concern is that it might be scripted, in that the missions always feature the same diseases.

Still, with two distinct campaigns (the other involves making the patient sicker until he dies), there may be just enough replay value. Plus it was only $11.