Little Indie Games Worth Playing


So did I screw up in this game (Paperclips) and guide myself into a deep dark hole? I have unlocked investments and strategic modeling. I have one project available, to get what I assume is the next big feature: Hypnodrones. But that takes 70,000 operations and I’m at about 60,000 max. Quantum computing can break that max, but not by nearly enough. At the pace I’m going, getting to 68k, from which I can probably stretch to 70k, will take days of just letting the game run.

The mistake I made seems to be how I split my Trust. I went 60/40 in memory/processor. Memory was clearly more important, but I figured I’d be sad if I didn’t have some processor speed. Now I’m basically stuck.

I’m starting to suspect that part of the point of the game is that it rewards “degenerate” or less balanced approaches to the gameplay. Like, I would be way more successful focusing on marketing over production to make money, and memory over processors to earn operations. Is that anyone else’s experience?


You have to put way more trust into memory than processors, yeah - thankfully, I was able to move toward that in my playthrough as soon as I saw the 70K requirement for hypnodrones. Marketing is mostly pretty weak compared to production, though, unless you’ve got a lot of it.

The bad news: there’s no good way to get out of that hole if you get yourself into it. You can wait forever for more trust…or you can restart, by spamming quantum computing while it’s giving negative ops until you hit -10K.


Yeah I never ran into that issue. Sounds like Warprattler has seen it though. Maybe just restart it, you are really early on in the game there just fyi. Sorry wish I knew better or could be more helpful!


I couldn’t find the way to restart… Is that right?: You have to get to -10,000 operations??


It’s really not worth it, in my opinion. I wasted time going through the whole thing and wish I hadn’t bothered.


I liked that Paperclips thing, but I couldn’t think of a reason to prestige and play it over again. I mean, that’s what clicker games and idle games are about really.


Same here.

Came back next day, "oh, new thing happened."
Following day, “oh, i ate up the universe. Alright then.”
“Do you want to play again?” “Nah, I’m good.”


Same, could not see a reason to continue after clocking it, so killed the browser window. It also doesn’t run in the background on Chrome, so for me, defeats the purpose (or part of my enjoyment) of clickers games, in coming back to a tab and finding a bunch of stuff you can do because the game has been idling for a day.

Also, the obnoxious audio that one thing triggers, that I could no find a way to turn off.


I know this is an old reply. I’m playing West of Loathing now and it has been a romp of fun. Thanks for dropping the recommendation here!


If you like the paperclip game, you might checkout Spaceplan, if you haven’t already. Kind of the same idea, with a sci-fi theme.


You’re not playing Opus Magnum yet. That will change.

Sure, it’s just a prettier version of Spacechem on a hex grid. Oh, do I have your attention?


I enjoyed Spaceplan quite a bit - while I can’t say I enjoyed much of anything about the other game, sorry Rod ;)


No worries! Sorry if I wasted your time!


No worries, it was Nightgaunt’s fault!
Making lots of friends here today.


This looks fun. @tomchick did you try it at all?


Taking a look at upcoming releases I came across Mare Nostrvm, turn based ancient sea battles.

I kind of shrugged my shoulders and was about to move on when I noticed 5 little words that stopped me in my tracks.

“By the designers of Qvadriga”

This just became an insta-buy for me.


This kickstarter backed game is out in 2 weeks, looks good from what I’ve seen.


Well, the developer seems to be working on Dwelvers again – after a one-year absence. It’s a Dungeon Keeper thingy. Really hoping the game gets finished.


I grabbed Streets of Rogue, as it is being sold (still for a couple of hours) for 5$ on, and while I had bounced off of it during the alpha, I enjoyed it quite a bit this time. Maybe the interface is clearer? In any case, it is some stupid fun: it reminds me of what I felt playing Payback, an Amiga GTA wannabe of old.


Does it have online co-op and if so, do you have a fast internet connection?