Little Indie Games Worth Playing


It does, and I have the largest pipe you can dream of. It’s huge and beautiful.


So the next question is when do I get to experience your pipe in it’s full glory?


This is getting weird.


I did! It’s a bit thin. There’s only so much you can do with a guy sitting at a fixed gun emplacement firing straight down a highway. I admire their energy, but they’ve literally boxed themselves into a narrow corridor.



Just getting into this finally. Really funny dialogue and quick gameplay. A lot like the old browser game, but no F2P energy mechanics this time. Play as much as you want!


There’s a new stealth-focused sandbox RPG out today made by ex-Witcher 3 developers, including the lead quest designer, that sounds pretty cool. The score’s by Marcin Przybylowicz and Gavin Dunne, so I have to check that out at the very least! Some of the game’s mechanical conveniences, like the ability to essentially opt out of unnecessary trial-and-error timers, suggest the team are really working hard to ensure the stealth-focused gameplay avoids frustrating players.


That seems pretty cool and looks “Shadow Tacticsish”.


This looks visually… illuminating.

Flood of Light


I wonder how deep this is? Anyone try it yet? 2 positive reviews so far!

Youtuber gives it a go here:


I finished it not long ago. It was a really fun ride all the way through, pun intended. There are so many great little nuggets of references hidden in there, as well as jokes that play upon themselves.


I followed this a few years ago but thought it was abandoned, to be honest. I’ll have to check it out.


Because there is never enough threads mentionning it, Shadowhand has been released.

I was worried something wrong may be going on, looking at the extent of delay and tuning it required (it was supposed to be released over 6 months ago), but I have been enjoying it so much for the couple of hours I spent with it, I just had to scream it at the center of the forum.
It is a golf solitaire game with light RPG elements.
Grey Alien’s writing and art is, as usual, amazing.
The attention to detail they consistantly show is so sweet: it’s not much, but there are little quotes on the various piece of gears you get your hands on, such as this one.


Which you equip on your paper dolls to great, great effects by the way. Here is my current Shadowhand.

Just like Regency Solitaire, the soundscape is wonderful, with a mix of baroque-inspired tracks, and pure atmospheric soundscapes.

I have good faith I will enjoy it to thoroughly to the end, like its lovely predecessor.


I came here specifically to post about Shadowhand. It’s a hell of a lot more addictive than it should be.

I never played the previous game because Solitaire, but if ut’s half as good I’ll be grabbing it as soon as I finish this.


Gorogoa is out, and it’s as good as it seemed it might be. It’s a labor of love, and a masterpiece of visual explanation. So far (I’m halfway through, I’d guess) what strikes me most about it is its integrity, a deep, thoughtful internal consistency that makes sometimes baffled pawing through its pieces looking for clues very satisfying even when I don’t fing them. This is a gem.


I agree completely. The interconnectedness of the pieces and how they form cohesive set pieces is sort of mind boggling. I hope it sells well enough to keep him making games. The black and white differences between loot-box-monetization-EA and small gems like this are huge. Gorogoa really gets back to the soul of gaming.


Visually stunning! In all seriousness, it is beautiful.

I just picked it up. I think my wife and I will enjoy it together.


I played the demo for Gorogoa years ago and I don’t think I’ve been looking forward to anything as much since then. Before the had a social media presence, I would just periodically remember “GOROGOA!” and go back to the website to see if there was any news (there never was).

The game is not long. For seven years of development, I admit I was expecting more. But I don’t know that more would serve much purpose–okay, other than just giving us more beautiful artwork! Mechanically, he does astonishing things with the elements he has designed. The game really feels like sorcery sometimes.


Going to throw a rec in here for Heart of Crown on Steam- $25 with 20% launch discount.

It’s a deckbuilder game, but in the LCG not CCG mode. The artstyle is anime (largely the Etrian Odyssey artist), but the game is pretty strategic. It’s about building your deck to get support to back your princess to the throne, you have to get the princess first as well, which takes building an economic base, then swapping out cards so you can draw what you need in order to win.

Once a day you can unlock a small cutscene which is pretty charming.


Looks pretty cool. Any idea if it is coming to consoles?


I don’t think it is- this is a pretty small Japanese team working on it, and I haven’t heard anything mentioned on their kickstarter.