Little Mosque on the Prairie

Started this week. CBC was really pushing it, and it actually received some pretty decent publicity from other news organizations.

It wasn’t all that bad, definately not as funny as Corner Gas, which so far share at least two actors, but definatley a bit more interesting. The first episode’s jokes mostly dealt with the main character and the small prairie Muslim group being mistaken for terrorists. I actually hope they don’t rely on that situation in the future, although it’s hard to ignore it I suppose.

I have no idea if it’s airing anywhere in the US or Europe, but there is a torrent for it available.

I caught a little of it but most of the jokes fell flat. I think the commercials for it are some of the most unfunny advertising I’ve ever seen.

I thought the commerncial were funny and tuned into the premier. Alas, the writing is a bit trite, and the show comes off as rather flat overall.

I’ve just watched the first two episodes, and I think it’s pretty good. Not amazing, but worth sticking with, imo.

Watched the first three episodes. Seems like a solid show. Not amazing, but good enough to keep me watching and wanting more.

Personally, after the first episode, I think it blows harder than Bill Dungsman.

It is nice to see Islamic ethnicity being recognized in prime time.

However I agree with the above poster: a lot of the jokes fall flat.

It’s a CBC production; of course a lot of the jokes fell flat. It seems like all the funny people have left Canada… except for them Trailer Park Boys.

How dare! No Corner Gas love? I love the odd Canadian vernacular jokes.