Little plastic and/or metal men

I figured I’d make a new thread rather than clutter up the Space Hulk thread with more minis discussion.

I’m usually on the lookout for cool minis games, particularly if they have a minimal startup investment. I’ve got an Orcs and Goblins army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. They’re pretty badly gimped, as they were one of the first books out after the new edition of the rulebook, but I still like them, mostly. The big thing I dislike about WHFB is how any figures past the first row or two are pretty much just hitpoint counters.

I started a 40k Space Marine army, though the people I was playing with kind of spread to the winds shortly afterward. Bad timing. Does anyone know if the previous editions Combat Patrol rules work with 5th Ed?

Finally, I’ve had some fun with Song of Blades and Heroes. It’s pretty generic, but a game takes less than an hour, including going through the list of units and putting together your squad.

Whatchyall playing?

Mentioned in the other thread, but I have had a lot of fun with Warmachine/Hordes. They just overhauled the Warmachine rules which you can get here.

I also have a couple 40K and Fantasy armies in various states.

One game I have models for but have never played is Wargods of Aegyptus. It looks like Fantasy but better.

For smaller skirmish games I have some Spinespur stuff. I have also heard very good things recently about Malifaux.

I also really want to try Flames of War some time.

I’m very much a miniatures junkie. I just need to find time to paint and play with all of them.

Likewise. I am about to move house (new mini space yay!) so nothing going on right now but I adore miniature wargames.

If you liked Song of Blade and Heroes (me too!) try Two Hour Wargames stuff

Also as you seem to be a fantasy and SF wargamer do subscribe to the SFSFW Ragnarok! Its fantastic.

I managed to get a decent group of my friends interested in Flames of War, so I now have people to play with. The only unfortunate part is that my army is Axis, and they all decided to go Allies. Now my panzerkompanie is (anachronistically) fighting Americans, Brits, Canadians and Soviets all by its lonesome.

So far we’ve spent more time painting our miniatures than actually playing (which I assume is typical in miniatures games), but it is a really fun game.

I’ll check out Ragnarok, thanks!

I’m considering making a dedicated wargaming table. I don’t really have space for it in my house, but I’m thinking I can take a folding banquet table, then get two 4’x3’ pieces of particle board to fit on top of it making a 4x6 game surface. Put some model train grass-paper stuff on it, and I’m set.

That raises the grim spectre of making and storing scenery though. My uncle designed (shameless plug, though I don’t know that he gets royalties) Cardboard Heroes Castles, which I really like because they fold up when you’re done. I’ve messed with designing similar things for the MechWarrior game, but I’ll have to consider what might work for 25mm scale, or Fantasy.

I’ve been really interested in trying out the WorldWorks stuff. I love painting minis and vehicles but for some reason I have no interest in doing terrain.

Pretty much, though someone’s done a little bit of upkeep on the rules: