LittleBigPlanet: coming soon with number suffix

I could have sworn there was an LBP thread around here already. I searched for several variations of “LBP” and “LittleBigPlanet” in thread titles, and didn’t find one.

On to the actual news, Media Molecule announced Little Big Planet 2 for winter 2010.



The current new issue of Edge has screenshots of new bits, which you can find all over the internet if you care to, but are probably bad form to link to.

Their article:’s-big-new-features

Loaded with new stuff that probably would have been ridiculous to add as add-ons to the original, like the Sack-bot programmable characters and the ability to condense a lot of logic programming onto a single item now (rather than building a large switch array). Along with other great new things like the ability to switch to a pseudo top down view (which appears to be just sticking the characters onto the back wall of the current setup), direct control seats that allow for complicated control of in-game items, and a grappling hook.

Also of note Mouse and Keyboard support for the create mode confirmed in this post:

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Dagnabit. I know I searched for the name with and without spaces. Darn my failure.

A full sequel deserves it’s own thread anyway, right? RIGHT?

I hope they change the physics of sack-person. I just didn’t enjoy jumping in the first game, which is a problem for me in a platformer. If they can make that part fun for me, I’m back in for the sequel. Otherwise, meh. If they can’t even make jumping fun, then whatever new features they add are meaningless to me.

Further info: A playtest writeup and several interviews from the annoucement in London on vg247:



It does sound like they’re de-emphasizing the platforming a little. The wonky jump in LBP is indeed terrible, but somehow it never really annoyed me that badly because the levels I found memorable were the enormous Tic Tac Toe computers or fully functional pianos that people built.

Wow… this is a huge change to this franchise. I cannot wait.

short answer, the floaty jump should no longer be a problem, as you can tweak all aspects of his movements, from his stickiness to his inertia, in the Popit menu

I thought I read that they never wanted to make a “2” as it would make all the work people did in the first obsolete?

One of the info bits that leaked over the weekend noted that the stuff created in LBP1 can be imported in the sequel. Or something along those lines.

According to the trailer all the LBP planet levels will work in LBP2 and “look better than ever.”

They did say this. Quite often in fact. They didn’t want to split the user base, and didn’t see any reason why they couldn’t just keep cranking stuff out as DLC to improve the platform rather than make a whole new game.

Then sony bought them, and explained the concept of making lots of money by not doing that (Note: this is my assumption of what happened).

So now it’s ok to do a 2, with a bunch of new stuff instead of sticking to expanding the first one. I’m sure it is probably easier to make drastic large changes by doing a ‘new’ engine rather than continued bolt ons, and it’s not as if incremental sequels aren’t the norm. It’s just 180 degrees from what they used to say, so that’s a wee bit off-putting.

It is great, though, that all the LBP 1 levels will work in the new game, and render with new features for lighting and such.

Anyone pick this up today and have initial impressions?

I’m pretty interested to hear some impressions, too. I loved the first one when it came out. Though I never actually published a level, I have fond memories of building a working tank with my roommate. It sounds like they’ve polished up the creation tools to make them a little more user friendly this time, so who knows, maybe I’ll finally get a level off my harddrive.

I’ll let you gents know sometime tomorrow, I ordered the collectors edition from Amazon.

I played through the Story Mode last week.

I liked it more than the first game. It feels more cohesive. You feel like you are actually progressing through the game rather than playing a few similarly themes levels before moving onto the next set.

Jumping feels largely the same, though the levels are better designed around the way the character moves, mitigating the frustration I know I felt during the first game.

Another subject that caught players’ ire in the first game, layer switching, also returns; though, like jumping, it feels like it is handles better than in the first game.

The additions are hit and miss, though they mostly are welcomed. The first accessory you get, a grappling hook, was my least favorite, while the “Grabinator” was an excellent addition.

The game feels like a reward to those who loved the first game rather than a plea to those who didn’t. I admire that Media Molecule is playing to their dedicated base rather than dramatically changing things chasing an audience that may not be there.

The gameplay additions, in Story Mode at least, feel very like Mm saying “Look at what can be done” as, at times, a new mechanic or accessory is used once and never seen again.

It feels maybe a bit less charming than its predecessor, less like things could break apart at any moment, though I think this feeling will be retained in the community levels.

So, yeah, it feels like LittleBigPlanet, but smoother and more polished than the first. I really liked it.


I’ve only gotten about an hour of play, if that, and I’m pretty happy. I love LBP a lot. I find the game extremely charming, enough that I don’t mind playing through the developer’s campaign over and over.
This game is more of the same, with a bit more polish, and that is everything I want in a sequel.
I can’t wait to play more.

I’m not a big fan of the hook so far either. It’s a hot mess when you’ve got more than one player in the game, most of the time. And I can’t get the hang of the ‘reel in while swinging to launch’ down.

I just got it today, so I haven’t had much time to play. All the time I have had so far has been drug down by an eager, but inept 5 year old. She begs to play the game (going back to LBP1) because it’s cute, and you can play dress up – but dragging her through the levels and listening to her complain about not being able to make the tricky timing/jumps really ruins the experience. It’s like if you got to go see your favorite band ever and then they just played a whole set of Milli Vanilli songs.

Thankfully, she’ll be in bed soon. Then the rocking can start.

Holy shit does that sound awesome.

Does the game give you infinite continues at each save point this time?