Live Action Blue Beetle in development

Geoff Johns says yes.

Final boss for the first season should be Arizona.

Hope we get some live action Booster Gold cameos!

this is for Jaime Reyes not Ted Kord, I hope.

I can’t see it working with Ted Kord unless it’s Beetle/Booster written by Keith Giffen.

Yes, it’s for Jamie. I’m just hoping it’s Jamie-from-his-own-series Jamie and not Teen Titans Jamie.

i think how he’s treated in Brave and the Bold may be a good indicator of the character.

i’ve not yet seen that series, but i understand that he figured predominately in the first season

Blue Beetle died for me when Ted Kord died.
Haven’t even tried the new one.

Maybe they’ll give us a JLI animated show one day?

This is doomed to failure.

That’s dumb. Your loss. Jaime’s a great character and the new Beetle is a fantastic use of the old and new all created and written by the best writer that Kord himself ever had.

bloo, I love Ted, but Jamie is a great character and has one of the best supporting casts around.

I think the best comment I saw about this elsewhere was someone who said “Ted Kord will always be the Blue Beetle. I hate legacy characters!”

Idiot poster, you have a call from one Dan Garrett on the white courtesy phone…


best new character that DC has given us in a while

I like(d) Ryan, Jamie and Kathy.

See, this works better than calling me dumb, Bahrimon.

I didn’t say you were dumb. I said that your philosophy was dumb, and as such every decision you made based on that philosophy was dumb.

Still, not listening to my point because I called you dumb is pretty dumb, blue.

You’re probably glad they brought back Barry Allen, too, right?

DCU Blog has stills from the screentest. Pretty Power Rangers-y, but that’s pretty much the only way to go with it.

i like the first and last shots

the other ones…kind of concern me, but we’ll see.

The only real Flash is Jay Garrick, hippie.


Ok, Fair Point.

It only took a few years, but Blue Beetle is finally arriving!

Gotta say though, that trailer does not really do much for me. Was hoping for SOMETHING different, but that looks just like one of those horrible sony marvel movies (Venom / Morbius). Haven’t seen Black Adam or Shazam 2, but I doubt it’ll fare any better.