Live action Disney Pinocchio film

would be a pretty interesting movie. What do you think?

Are you talking about this:

It looks great, I have to admit. It came out in Italy already, hopefully it will be released on video here soon.

I did not know about that. Neat!

Here’s another version:

Or this old one:

@Telefrog just posted the trailer in the Del Toro Animated Pinocchio thread. I keep forgetting there are two Pinocchio movies coming out this year. Del Toro’s animated version, and the live action one for Disney by Robert Zemekis.

Pinocchio is the only old school Disney flicks that I walked out of back when it got put back into theatres in the 90s. I recalled it being terrible but my then wife was a Disney freak so we went. But it was actually her who pulled the plug on staying to finish it out. I just find it a depressing and slow slog as a story and no one has been able to create a version I found enjoyable. God I hope I don’t get drug to see this.

Yeah, I’m disappointed that the live action one with Tom Hanks has Jimminy Cricket and everything. I guess they really want to recreate the animated version in live action.

Has anyone watched the Italian 2019 version that I linked above, in the 2nd post of this thread? That one looks gorgeous.

Have never quite understood the fascination with the Disney film either.

But would love a Fables version of Pinnochio’s adventures. Actually, given the constant TV show activity these days (streaming services being absolutely crazy for material), I’m surprised no one has succeeded in getting a Willingshams Fables show of the ground yet. It has all the elements they’re usually after - action, eye candy, and sfx.

Tax filings in the UK revealed that this cost $155 million. A relative bargain compared to some Disney+ shows!