Live action Half-Life 2

Just browsing around today and I came across the work of some guy who’s been taking the models out of Half-Life 2, applying some fancy lighting model (HDR?), and putting them into real pictures. The results are pretty amazing and even a little creepy.


Awesome - the white suited guy (it’s so long ago, I can’t remember what they’re called) sitting on the bed is just too much. Very very spooky.

Wow, those are really good, I want that lighting model.

Heh very cool. :D

best one there is this one

I can’t tell that isn’t real! Very cool.

Holy Crap!

That’s all I can say.

Scary. :shock:
(But holy shit I can’t wait to see it running in real time )

For some inexplicable reason, I’m compelled to conduct “crowbar science” on that guy.

  • Alan

Any word if Valve managed to get HDR to work with ATI cards?

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Oh my goodness, that looks incredible. It’s almost…creepy.

I’ll be impressed if they do that to a human character and it looks as good.

Impressive, of course. But I thought the one with Dog in the street was the best.

When I saw the pics of the elite trooper, I thought the guy had molded an action figure, constructed in a similar manner as an 80s GI Joe figure (admittedly, without the backfat). I think its the hands that really give it away.

Still look “real”, though.

Yeah, those Dog pics are really cool. And yes, the troopers look pretty damn creepy.

It is extremely doubtful. ATI cards cannot do translucency in wide color depths, and you need wide color depths to do HDR.

It’s not a matter of Valve working around some minor bug or problem – it is a basic hardware limitation of the ATI chips.

I had been preferring ATI’s stuff over Nvidia’s for the past while, but I had to switch away from ATI cards last year because they were no longer suitable for development… it’s well past time for ATI to come out with a more-capable chip.

The Dog ones definitely look the best, though the Strider ones are really cool, too. The ones of the soldier look real, but only in so far as “real” means “a giant, plastic action figure.” The one with his sitting on the bed is particularly impressive, though I can’t help noticing that he apparently weighs nothing, as he’s making no indentation in the matress and sheets.

someone is doing a halflife fan film using the same technique

A few of those shots with combine standing near well known monuments could be an excellent campaign ad for HL2. The somewhat creepy look is simply great.