Live Action Initial D

This ought to be good for a laugh:

This has been in the works forever.

Andy Lau was amazing in Infernal Affairs.

Which has little relevance since you know, he isn’t in it.

I saw the movie last week. Since I have never seen the original anime, I only have the word of my friend that it sticks roughly true to the originals. So, he enjoyed it.

I found it to be more akin to an overly long MTV of the main star, Jay Chou, since every other minute is filled with his songs while he acts either nonchalant or in love. Romantic scenes were the movie’s weakest link, alternating between completely cheesy and unconvincing or plain stilted.

But it takes little to make me enjoy myself and so i don’t think it was a waste of time. Most of the stylistics are fun to watch and I always enjoy the persence of two Hong Kong stalwarts. Anthony Wong and Chapman To.

Incidentally, apart from the two main leads, Jay and Anne, everybody else in the movie has acted in the Infernal Affairs trilogy at least once.

Now your just confusing me. No Andy Lau but everyone from the Infernal Affairs movies? I’m 1/3 retarded so your circular logic confuses me.

Wow, they did an amazing translation of the anime then :)

I may have to try to find a fansub of this.

Everyone else in Initial D has acted in the Infernal affairs movies.

Not the other way around boyo.