Live-Action Tekken YouTube

The beginning part makes it look excessively, almost Star-Wars-Kid-cheesy. Advance the clock to 1:42 for the good stuff.

Actually I saw from the first couple of seconds that the blue-shirt dude knew what he was doing. Which is cool because before I started training in kung fu I couldn’t tell good from lame in movies, or wherever.

(His tai chi looks weird to me, it looks too kung-fu-ish. But I am definitely no expert in these things.)

Neat. But geeze. Break the 180 Degree Rule much?

Yah, I could tell the Tai Chi guy knew what he was doing too – I mean, you could hear air woosh as he focused his chi, and everything!

Just like a fighting game should!

No man, it was when he stomped the ground and caused that earthquake.