Live Arcade Wednesdays

'Frogger?, ?Galaga?, ?Street Fighter II? Hyper Fighting?, and Pac-Man make their next-gen debut on Wednesday?s this summer ? bringing exciting new retro content to Xbox 360 gamers worldwide

Today, Xbox Live unveils Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays, a new program that will provide a regular launch schedule of new Xbox Live Arcade games for gamers worldwide. Starting today, Xbox Live Arcade games will now go live worldwide on Wednesdays at 0800 GMT (Midnight Pacific) ? hitting gamers around the world all on the same day.

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays kicks off with a blockbuster summer schedule of eagerly anticipated retro titles. Gamers looking for a blast from the past can download ?Frogger? ? the beloved Konami classic arcade title ? today on Xbox Live Arcade. Other Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays titles debuting in the coming weeks include ?Cloning Clyde?, ?Street Fighter II? Hyper Fighting,? ?Galaga? and ?Pac-Man.? To date, Xbox 360 gamers have downloaded more than 5 million Xbox Live Arcade games and the release schedule sizzles all summer long, with the following titles arriving on Xbox Live Arcade:

  • July 12 ? Frogger

  • July 19 ? Cloning Clyde

  • July 26 ? Galaga

  • August 2 ? Street Fighter II? Hyper Fighting

  • August 9 ? Pac-Man

From a newsletter that was just sent out. About time.

I like having a known day when games are going to come out. Good idea.

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About time. They have been wasting their lead time this summer.

As I recall, Microsoft reps said they’d have 35 games on Xbox LIVE by summer and 50 by year’s end. Releasing one game a week between now and the end of summer means (I’m pretty sure) that they’ll not reach their first goal.

Let me just add that I agree with Post-It: having a schedule makes a difference. It decreases some of the frustration knowing when games are coming out and which games they are.

But in general, I still think that this is an instance - to borrow and twist a phrase - where MS so far has overpromised and under delivered.

Hooray for Cloning Clyde! Pass on the rest.

What’s taking so long? These games have been done on partnernet for weeks now. We’ve got Street Fighter tournaments going on at work. Not sure why MS felt the need to not release anything for a month and a half.

Fucking sweet. I’ll definitely be getting Galaga, Frogger and Pac-Man.

What is Cloning Clyde? I’ve never heard of it, and I thought I had heard 'em all.

I’ll buy galaga and pacman if they are $2 or less.

(hey MS, i’d pay $50 for salamander 2, or any decent shmup)

Salamander would rock.



Until they miss one of those dates (by even one day) and the whole fanboy community goes apeshit. ;)

I’ll probably pass on Frogger and Pac-Man, but I looooovvvess me some Galaga (holds up REAL well) and SF2 Hyper Fighting is the last entry in the series that really grabbed me…it got too twitchy after that, for me. If the price is right, I’ll grab those. Cloning Clyde sounds very interesting, but I need to play it first.

Nice thing about Arcade is how every game has built-in trial mode. No waiting for the demo to be released or anything, and you don’t even need to quit the game you’re in and restart when you buy the full version.

Bring on the Lumines though, MS.

It’s the new game by the developers of Outpost Kaloki. Link.

co-op sidescrolling platformer?


For some odd reason it reminds me of xenophobe, though it probably shouldnt.

Oooh, hey MS! How about Xenophobe? That’d work swell widescreen. So would Darius.

Got a source for that? Honest Curiosity :)

They said it at E3… I remember it also but I don’t know a source.

They repeatedly said it at E3 and in fact there’s actually video of a rep saying so on one of the the Xbox LIVE marketplace videos.

“Canessa said Live Arcade will have 35 games by the summer, with new games each week

just a quickie search. I did find several people saying the over 100 games by years end thing, but they seemed to be devs rather than ms folks. LOTs of 35 titles by summer dealies though. Then, they may count the already released ones, where some of the press seemed to take it as 35 MORE games, BY summer.

whatever, just get me some shmups and lay off robotron clones and puzzlers for awhile.

Any word on Small Arms? That was looking like a Smash Brothers clone.

Supposedly Galaga and SF2 are switched… a fixed press release should reveal:

  • July 26 – Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

  • August 2 – Galaga

Moore, that was brutal. Perhaps the worst link on your list though was the last one… The official Xbox website says:

Right now there are 21 LIVE Arcade games available. There are 11 weeks between now and September 23rd, so basically, it’s possible they can get to 35 - IF they do more than one a week.

And can I just say… I’m convinced that Texas Hold 'Em is going to be a hit title with the Qt3 community. Any word on when THAT title is coming out yet?

And can I just say… I’m convinced that Texas Hold 'Em is going to be a hit title with the Qt3 community.

I dunno about Hold Em but there’s actually a page for it now… along with Lumines (which says “July”)