Live Messenger beta invites

Posted this in Hardware & Technical, but I know some of you would be interested in this but never read that forum, so reposting here.

I have 4 of 'em. Send me a PM with your email address if you want one.

What’s Live Messenger? It’s essentially MSN Messenger 8.0. Microsoft is in the process of rebranding all their “MSN” web apps and stuff that aren’t the actual ISP “Windows Live.” So MSN Hotmail will become Live Mail, MSN Search will be Live Search, and so on.

There’s a big 'ol feature list on the Live Messenger blog if you want to know what’s new. (Scroll down to see it)

Sorry to everyone I didn’t get to this time around - all the invites are gone. I’ll post again when I get more.

Sign me up, G.

Edit: dammit, Whitta posted here a second ago.

I did, but it’s weird. I clicked on the invite tab from the Messenger window just to see what’s up with it. When I tried looking for it again, it was gone. Maybe it was a one-time thing?

Gary, go to and sign into your passport. You’ll come back to this page and it’ll have a link to the Windows Live Messenger Beta at the top. Click on the link, and there should show any available invites in the upper right corner.

Got it. Andrew, PM me your email address.

I’d love an invite!

I got another batch of invites for Live Messenger beta. So PM me again if you don’t have it and you want to check it out.

Edit: okay, invites all gone for now. I’ll post if I get another batch.