Live Music Video Thread

There are just shit-tons of great, mind-blowing performances on Youtube.

I’d love to see more, and am interested in hearing why they’re so special, so I’ll post a few, and you can post some back, and everybody will enjoy it right?


Two Swedish Girls Playing a Fleet Foxes song -

I really like Fleet Foxes, but couldn’t find any worthwhile live cuts… that is until a I found this. Goddamn these girls are good.

Ween - The Final Alarm (on public access)

One of my favorite bands, though they tend to polarize people, they are a great live act, and nobody can deny that. This video, shot for public access in the early nineties presumably on Halloween, shows exactly why that is. The sound quality isn’t great, but it’s good enough to get this spectacular performance across. Also it’s one of the only songs Claude Coleman sings.

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (in an elevator)

You can’t beat improvising a snare drum by having a dude rip pages out of a magazine. This video is part of the excellent “Take Away Shows” series. <---- more here.

That’s enough for now. I have so many more, but won’t weigh the thread down with em’.

Arise Arise

I too love finding great live performances that go beyond the album version. Poor quality but this is amazing

what a performance

This one made me a fan of Sidney Gish

That one reminds me of this one

Another one of my all time favorites

I think it does not need to be explained why it’s special. The performance speak for itself :) Great non-recording artist.

I know there’s a more popular “live session” recording of this song done in-studio, but this particular video was recorded in front of an actual audience and it’s great to hear the audience enthusiastically singing along with Tatiania during the melodic sections (and the band’s apparent joy at hearing them take part).

This is also the greatest cinematography ever since she’s pretty much in the videographer’s lap the whole song.