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Enjoyable SoD2 stream, and then to top it all off this got screenshotted!



I just mentioned it in passing ….


Well done, @lordkosc.

Almost 4 hours of streaming tonight.


All right, I’m convinced, I need to play State of Decay 2.


State of decay 2 really looks good. Tom didn’t try to hype it. Unless you consider those automatic gun fires on that crowd we all thought he was dead in. I thought for sure he’d buy it there…


I love watching State of Decay 2, but that game got a very controversial soundtrack.


Is there any Age of Empires 3 streams planned? I miss this battle of wits and Tom’s fascination with macaque.


Tom does love macaque.


Everybody loves macaque.


Where’s Sir Thomas of Chick?


I can’t speak for the bosses but I think I recall he won’t stream until Friday. I think he had to do some jail time with no bond. Probably because of all those people he killed in State of decay. The whole “they were zombies” defense didn’t work.

(by bosses I mean LK and Marq and whoever else)


I think the stream will return on Monday. 1/21/19

right @marquac ?


Oops, sorry, I should have posted something here or on the pages for Twitch and YouTube. I’m away from a real computer with no window onto the internet besides an old MacBook Air. So no streaming today or Wednesday. I’ll be back on Friday the 18th.



Friday! Lordy knows what we shall get… I’ve actually liked the State of Decay stuff.


At least it’s better than Guild Wars 2.


It’s Friday night and tonight Tom is streaming State of Decay 2 - Website link

You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

Voting for Request Wednesday is now open so if you’d like Tom to stream a game that’s on Steam or that he owns on PS4, why not stop by and vote for what game Tom will stream on Wednesday.


Well that went well. Marq I hope you feel better.


20 minutes!!! Monday streams are the best streams!

Where is @marquac!


I am here.


Hope you are feeling better!