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Feel better soon, Tom!


Has he been checked for Lupus? It might be Lupus.


Wait — isn’t today Monday?

Hope you get better Tom! I vote for any of three for tonight! (ohhh Swedish apocalyptic …… that’s got to be kinda cool)


Aw man I don’t know, Generation Zero sounds like the least interesting of that bunch. But also one I’m unlikely to play, so possibly more fun watch.


Rest up Tom. See you on Friday.


I’m still feeling queasy, so I won’t be streaming today. But I’ll start tomorrow at the regular time and do a Request Friday drawing at 7pm. That should give some of you time to think carefully about your Sekiro votes.



That Swedish apocalypse seems weirdly fun. I wonder how the gun play is? I went ahead and bought Far cry: Purple Flowers.

Tom --and you would be surprised how I know this --health is the most important thing. I think YOU know that for sure. Take care and we’ll see you when we see you.

I have to do some astronomical research so I can make Vin mansplain astronomy to me anyways (lol). Or “Astronomy professor splain”

(I am kidding Vin).


If Tom keeps skipping streams, I might actually finish a video game!



(LK you finish a bunch – I am way behind)


You were explicitly told to feel better and get well soon, Tom. You’re not following instructions. Get on it! :p


Happy Wednesday! Tonight Tom is streaming State of Decay 2 - Web page link

You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

The Request Friday draw will be held tonight at 7:00 PM Pacific time


Vin I had a huge number of astronomical questions… where were you? Tom did stream tonight but for the life of me -oh yeah State of decay 2… he made the apparatus that is the market feel better by that I think. I am clinically skeptical but I will remain silent.

Though I wanted to talk exoplanets and Kepler!


Was too busy getting increasingly aggravated at AC: Origins overly scripted parts (why does Ubi build these great game worlds and entertaining systems and then keep getting in the way of them?) and then had an early morning to deal with. You could always ping me in the hard science thread.

As to the stream, I’m actually glad it was State of Decay 2. No offense to Tom, who I know loves that game, but of the options that’s the one I’m least interested in by far.


I got Red Dead Redemption 2 for Christmas, and I just can’t play the thing. Every single time I talk to somebody important I get jerked out of the game and forced to do ridiculous shit I don’t want to do.


Not only is it Friday, it’s Request Friday! Tonight Tom is streaming Sekiro - Steam link

You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

Sekrio was a Request Friday winner. If you have a game that is on Steam or that Tom owns on the PS4 that you would like him to stream, you can leave a vote in the comments section of one of the videos he’s posted on YouTube or stop by the Monday or Friday stream and submit your vote in the chat.


Proper game name according to the internet.


Well that was a quality 23 minutes.


I would have died earlier. That is a super hard game.

That said he did fall off a cliff and died once.


I was hoping Tom had at least 29 lives in him tonight. What a disappointing stream that was. I regret my thumbs up.


I totally missed this one. Did Tom rage quit?