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You can’t vote on wednesdays!

Crap! Somebody vote for Rogue Warrior! It will totally be worth it, I promise!

Charter has been having problems for two days. I barely managed to see 5 minutes of the stream. Just long enough to see Tom’s sniper guy miss a headshot right in front of him.

I trust everyone commemorated yesterday’s ten-year anniversary of this soothing bit of Dick Marcinko inspired music.


Unexpected stream in progress! Our very own Tom Chick is streaming Phoenix Point - LINK.

You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the YouTube stream here.


Missed it by that much.

I will always laugh at Mickey Rourke as “Demo” Dick Marcinko

Happy Request Wednesday! In a few minutes our very own Tom Chick will be streaming Disco Elysium - Steam Link


You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the YouTube stream here.

Disco Elysium was a Request Wednesday winner. If you have a game that is on Steam / Origin / Epic or that Tom owns on the PS4 that you would like him to stream, you can leave a vote in the comments section of one of the videos he’s posted on YouTube or stop by the Monday or Friday stream and submit your vote in the chat.

Just a heads-up that I will not be livestreaming tonight, December 6th. My voice is pretty stressed, so it came down to a choice between the livestream and the podcast. The podcast won. Since I probably would have livestreamed Guild Wars 2*, really, we all won.


* Kidding! Or am I?

Rest up Tom , we need that sweet sweet voice for next weeks Phoenix Point marathon.

I guess I can spend the six o’clock hour playing Darksiders Genesis instead.

I dunno – Guild wars 2 --Iv’e even been looking at Knights of the old republic – sometimes we just get that mmo itch.

This was a good stream. I thought it would be too much text (like Vin) but in the end it went very well.

Yeah, I ended up really enjoying Wednesday’s Disco Elysium stream, turns out all Tom has to do to entertain me is dramatically read text.

Happy Monday! In like 10± minutes, our very own Tom Chick will be streaming… Phoenix Point - EGS link .


You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the YouTube stream here.

Voting for Request Wednesday is now open so if you’d like Tom to stream a game that’s on Steam, a few games on EGS, or that he owns on PS4, why not stop by and vote for what game Tom will stream on Wednesday.

I showed up and voted, but for some reason there won’t be a drawing tonight? I missed the part of the stream that mentioned why.

@kerzain, there won’t be a Wednesday stream. Potentially I think for a little while.

I lied to you in my post @kerzain

Ah okay.