Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6pm Pacific!

I don’t think there was anything, @KristiGaines. And certainly you weren’t banned.

Whew. I think it is close sometimes…

Is there a stream tonight?

If you scream loud enough, there might be, who knows!

“Clap your hands if you believe in fairies!” :-)

If there is I’ll just chat too much. Hard to say what is better.

I check for Tom on Weds Fridays and Mondays, I figure he’ll stream on one of those days.

Or one of these days. I do miss him though.

Dear Mr Chick @tomchick any chance of some RimWorld DLC tonight or something else that may tickle your fancy?



Or Tom could stream the one game that is his true achilles heel :

I am starting to be concerned that out 2-3 months now our get together is over… Hazy and his weirdness, AC and my flirting, LK and his snacks, Vin and his aloof but always helpful astronomical consistency, Fred and his sorta cool trolling, RH and I discussing Warhammer total war…marq and his consistent abilty to be cool Canadian. JM and his strange desire to be tom’s big buddy. Technically I love Jm btw.

Let alone 20 or so others. Is our history through? Unlike what might be said about “no pressure” I think I mean the opposite.

After a few years I sorta enjoyed the regularity.

Tom put up a post for supporters back in December on Patreon. He remains cancer-free 5 years after treatment (YAY) but the aggressive treatment he had to treat it back then has left his voice in fragile shape and he needs to stop talking quite so much going forward or risk doing some serious damage.

I’d imagine he’ll do streams here and there still. But I’d also imagine the days of thrice-weekly streams are probably in the past, at least for the time being.

Has he considered taking on a Tom whisperer? Tom could still live stream and play the games, but someone else could supply the internal dialog that is going on in his head.

Tom could create a new genre of streaming, ASMR Gaming.

Thx Trigger for that. I support Tom in other ways financially so I didn’t see that. I don’t want him doing anything unhealthy for sure. Thx. I felt bad for pushing there as well. I just kinda miss some of my weird friends as well as Tom.

Lol including Kerzain.

I posted this in the How You Can Support Quarter to Three thread but thought I would also post it here.

For those who might be curious, Tom has started to post daily YouTube videos while he is hunkering down in his secret bunker. You can find out what is happening on Tom’s dining room table here. And if you are a Patreon supporter of Tom, head over to his Patreon page and you can enter yourself into a draw for the game Paratopic - Steam link.

Is that anything like Cleve’s? Does Tom also have titanium in his bones or whatever the claim was?

Well, there is madness involved, so possibly.

Ty Marq. I like my anonymous contributions in a stream. I am sure there will be a normalization at some point.
I’d prefer my contributions be anonymous. But thank you for letting me know that there is a way for others to support Tom.

None of that sounds like I plan to be involved, but I hope for the best with all of you that are!

This is a delight. This also opened up new ways of detecting, for the detective in me, and after much work (on my time scale), I tracked Tom Chick’s long sought after ancestry. Please meet the rare portrait of the Cardinal McChickelieu, from the Catholic Church of Scottland.

Most impressive!