Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6pm Pacific!


Is it Rebel Galaxy Outlaw?!


I think there are a few outlaws in it…


I believe it translates to “too damned late if you have a day job.” I’ll enjoy watching the recording when it’s posted, though.


Thursday morning, pre-work stream, for Eastern Timers.


4:00 am Pacific would be 6:00 am Central, and 7:00 am Eastern. For Europe, if you’re in London it would be a Noon start, in Paris it would be 1:00 pm I believe. Can someone tell me if I am correct or misleading folks?


What about Moscow and Beirut? Or, for Canadians, “Beiroot.”




You guys have fun watching Red Dead at 4am. I will be plain old dead (asleep). No red required.


I may stick awake for the event aspect. But don’t count on me to be colorful.


I’ll say this: if my middle-aged physiology rouses me from sleep after 4 AM, I may fire up Twitch on one of my devices just to see what’s up.


Well I’ll be awake then, but busy getting my kid to school. So have fun!

Also, I’ll be away on Friday, so I’ll miss my own RW pick. Sad face emote.


It’s gonna hurt but I may pop in to see – maybe its Call of Juarez: The Ninth Killing–slow cam?

Who knows. Tom shots lot of guys in the head on Monday.


It starts in about 18 minutes. I’m not sure if I want to see it though. I’m getting the game tomorrow anyway.

I should start getting ready for work instead.


I am having, uh, technical issues which might be related to the fact RDR2 isn’t technically out yet. Please stand by!

EDIT: welp, I tried to get it to stream to YouTube to no avail, so it’s Twitch only. Also off-mic, but I’ll be in chat.



Oh my god it’s super early on Thursday morning and Tom is streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 - website link

You can find the Twitch stream here.


Finally Tom is streaming at a sensible time! Alas my internet isn’t fast enough to watch the stream.


I am too tired and not at a pc where I can watch! This is the worst time to stream!


If you move to Australia, it’s perfect. Alas then you won’t actually be able to watch it, but at least you’ll know that it’s happening and that it’s a great time to watch it, in theory.


So, uh, unfortunately, I won’t be able to livestream this the way I was hoping because it would spoil too much. But I will be streaming a few mission replays – you can replay missions for medals, which I think is just a facet of the Achievements and Rockstar Social Club stuff – to show off some of the gameplay. I just need to figure out which bits are appropriate and I need to do it on-mic so I can Tomsplain everything.



Will we be getting a special Thursday night stream?