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I fell asleep. TG I did or I’d be a wreck today.


A few of us were there this AM! Thursdays are my 14-hour workday, so I was up and working on stuff and watching. Can’t wait for this to unlock!


Just watching Tom’s half hour of RDR2 he has posted on Twitch, my god does the world look good.

Omg a horse ran him over!


Saw that happen live this morning. Nearly spit coffee out my nose.


Top notch fire effects in this game, Monday seems like forever away. Damn you slow amazon shipping.


I noticed that too! I think I typed in chat about it looking like a certain apocalyptic scene in Hell On Wheels.

BTW, I think Tom was playing on a standard PS4?


Not PRO? Oh my! :D

I wonder what Tom is gonna stream tonight?



Looking forward to so rooting’ tootin’ fun this evenin’ on stream with our favorite bandy legged games writer!


Unfortunately, all you’ll get is me playing Wandersong, which won Request Wednesday, which was pushed back to Request Friday this week.


What in the…? You have been warned.





Well that…certainly looks…colorful…




Happy Request Friday! Tonight Tom is streaming Wandersong - Steam link

You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

Wandersong was a Request Wednesday winner. If you have a game that is on Steam or that Tom owns on the PS4 that you would like him to stream, you can leave a vote in the comments section of one of the videos he’s posted on YouTube or stop by the Monday or Friday stream and submit your vote in the chat.


The stream seems to be offline. Maybe it already ended? But it’s only 38 minutes past the scheduled start time.


I rank the stream tonight up there with the Bloody Boobs stream.

Nothing against Wandersong, but my heart hoped for RDR2.


I was glad to just see a stream. But that game was a little weird…


Huh, I did not get my usual email notification…


I missed you Vin! But perhaps you didn’t miss a whole lot on that one…


Considering my total lack of interest in RDR2, I suspect I’m going to be hanging around more for the conversation than the actual stream for the next while regardless!


Vin it wasn’t RDR2 more’s the pity. It was another game that I am not sure in the depths of Steam I could have even known.

Tom did his duty. With good morale I thought.

RDR2 is a console only game so THIS girl is not playing it.