Lively: Games or Everything Else? You make the call

Well, whether you would call this a game or a graphical IRC interface that you can’t share porn over, there is a Qt3 room up. It’s currently set to allow anyone to add and move furniture, so come shit it up. So far we have a pachinko machine, some bacon, and a pissing machine.

No furries.

Also, do not go to the I Hate Ewoks room. You have been warned.

Edit: Don’t type ‘cry’ under any circumstances.

Ok…who put the bed in the pool?

Ha ha, now we have a water bed.

I did. I got tired of random guys wandering in, spawning beds and/or couches, and saying “Hey, baby, come over here.” Which, incidentally, is why I am not logged in anymore. Boys ruin everything.

Did Flowers put in the iron throne?

Yes, we can ruin everyone’s life but our own. It takes a woman to do that.

I put in the throne with the exploding pig on it.

Wow, thats a really broken UI for a google launch. All my keys are inverted and I cant invert mouselook. Slow. Cant choose avatars. Borked.

And they have the nerve to have a built in store to buy new stuff? What is this, an SOE launch?

I want that as a bumper sticker.

Yeah, that almost couldn’t get any more awkward to use.

My coworker was playing with this. It blew my mind that there’s a girl model that is basically the anorexic ideal, complete with bulging joints and caved-in upper chest, with glossy hair and big eyes.

The pig explodes? What’s the trigger?

Left click and choose Play Animation from the menu. Lots of stuff in there has animations.

Edit, Qt3 House has 1000% more dinosaur skeletons scaling buildings now. Also, #2 rule of Qt3 House is that beds go in the pool.

I can’t seem to login again. When I do, I sign in with my gmail account, then it says select ID, so I type in the ID I chose and it tells me I already I have an ID. Weird.

That’s weird, I haven’t had that happen, it always logs me in as pizoxuat by default.

I had a good time sitting on the underwater beds, but then I desired a chair. So I sat on a chair underwater.

How about filing it under Broke.

Crushed under the load, it’s not really working right at the moment, I think. If Firefox under Win XP is a problem for them, though… aye aye aye

Doesn’t work for me at all. I don’t get any of the buttons I am apparently supposed too.

Wow. Talk about raw. Like 7 avatars? No facial hair? Very little customization. More like alpha than beta. The “2.5 years” this has been in development must have been one guy’s “20% time.”

Room looks great, but it never lets me in ;__;