LivingSocial - Nice book/game rating system via Facebook

For anyone who would like to share recommendations and “now reading” info with the world, there’s a cool, nicely featured app for Facebook called LivingSocial. It’s got books, video games, and more, and allows ratings, reviews, and lets you look at lists of your friends’ stuff.

There’s several others like it, but it’s the best one I’ve found so far. I’m really enjoying using it. Find my reviews and stuff here:

Basically, you look for a book you like, rate and review it, and then share that with your buddies. If a friend reads a book you’ve flagged as ‘want to read’, it’ll link to their impressions. You can read tons of user reviews and get satisfaction by writing reviews that are more informative and useful than any others.

It’s fun. Friend me up and share your books and games with me!