Liza Minelli accused of beating husband

Liza Minnelli (news) on Wednesday dismissed assertions by her estranged husband David Gest that she physically attacked him during their marriage, calling them “hurtful and without merit.”

Gest, who married Minnelli in March 2002 and separated from her three months ago, filed a $10 million suit on Tuesday stating she had attacked him during drunken rages, leaving him with an “unrelenting pain in his head.”

He said he suffers from “throbbing pain, severe headaches, vertigo, nausea, hypertension, scalp tenderness and insomnia” and takes 11 medications a day to treat his pain and injury.

What kind of girly man does this and why? Hmmmm, could be Ten Million Reasons…

Have you taken a good look at this man? Have you listened to him speak?
I want to beat him up.

I’d knock them both silly.

He’s a wuss and she’s a puss.

— Alan

You’re shit nuts if you look at that picture and still think it isn’t plausible. LOOK AT HIM. I mean, come on. Beat by his wife? Check. “Unrelenting pain”? You bet. Scalp fucking tenderness? Oh, absolutely.

There has to be a videotape of this somewhere. I would love to see these two weird their way through a fistfight.

edit: Just checked out the link above. I’ve never seen a picture of him close up. He is one messed up looking dude/woman.

Wow. That plastic surgery page has some incredible pics on it. This chick went from “70s cute” to “Rocky Dennis.”

And this Meg Ryan shot is pretty astonishing as well. She sort of looks like Melanie Griffith, after her horrific plastic surgery.

Liza Minnelli is a 2 time UFC champ, you heard it here first

Why the hell did Meg Ryan go under the knife? She looked hot as it was. That second picture makes it look like she put on 25 pounds.

And I think that first pic is going to give me a nightmare.