Lobbying Cases Shine Spotlight on Family Ties

Lobbying Cases Shine Spotlight on Family Ties

Aeneas is under scrutiny by the Justice Department and Congressional investigators. Its founder, Robert Abramoff, a lawyer and sometime Hollywood movie producer, is the brother of Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist at the center of a Washington influence-peddling scandal involving several members of Congress.

The company’s records show that the $2.3 million was received from another consulting firm, GrassRoots Interactive of Silver Spring, Md., which was established by Jack Abramoff and where he directed some of his huge lobbying fees. Billing statements prepared by Aeneas do not show what service Robert Abramoff provided to warrant millions of dollars in payments from his brother’s company.

Holy crap, Jack Abramoff wrote Red Scorpion.

Bah. I opened this thread expecting to find tales of the zany adventures of Alex, Mallory, and Skippy.

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Seriously. Jack Abramoff - IMDb