Local German governments ban "killer games" at LAN parties

Some local German governments have gone one step beyond banning the sale of violent video games and actually banned playing them at public LAN events:


Different local governments in Germany have decided to BAN all “killer” games at LAN events.

How the hell are they going to enforce this? Police each and every LAN party with spotters watching each and every screen? Check PCs on the way in for copies of “killer games”? Raid every LAN event and arrest anyone daring to play a game where someone may virtually die?
The ban isn’t country-wide yet incidentally, so I’m guessing some regions will suddenly experience a rise in demand for large halls with adequate power supplies.

Holy shit. When I think that it is just country next door…shiver.

Not that our country is not all kinds of fucked up, but as far as censorship goes - I am glad I live where I live.

what the fuck local governments in germany

State governments perhaps, but I’d rather wait for a semi-reputable source for this story.

edit: Okay, this is the original source for the story that this GotFrag website didn’t bother to link to, and this is the website of the local computer club that organized the LAN party.

There aren’t any “different” local governments involved; GotFrag may be referring to earlier incidents where public PC gaming competitions were cancelled due to political pressure directly after the school shootings in Winnenden and Wendlingen. Apparently they were also open to minors.

This particular incident is new because the party was restricted to adults anyway, yet the communal administration (the “local government” in question) said they couldn’t play games such as Counterstrike or Warcraft 3 (USK 12!). The latter proves that the communal politicians are completely clueless about the games in question, as usual – they were apparently just scared of the “War” in the title.

This is also not a “BAN” as the equally clueless GotFrag hack wrote. The LAN party was to take place in a building rented from the municipality, that’s why they could impose arbitrary restrictions on its use, including not playing certain games.

Presumably equivalent to regional councils in England.

edit:fqepepfpfewf, thanks for clarifying Chris. :)

Thanks for your clarification work, Chris.