Local TV is useless

Ok, so they have the local TV coverage of the local CA ballot initiative…

Male Announcer: And a very important race blah blah Prop 65 with would blah blah blah and our projections are… <pause>… we don’t have any.

Female Annoucer: And another important proposition blah blah blah that would address this and… <pause> nothing on that either.


Earlier you could see a newscaster get really pissed at the people running the show because she kept pausing waiting for them to put up the numbers… and they didn’t.

The local Fox affiliate in Houston cut to a fucking infomercial at 1a. Just like that. I was flipping through all of the stations with election coverage and BAM, some engine repair school is trying to recruit me.


The Local NBC affiliate cut the screen real estate down about 33% to list Local Election results, resulting in me not being able to read a damn thing on the real NBC coverage. That’s okay though, I was watching Fox News pretty much the entire time. Switched between the Networks once things started to level off. I got a chuckle when I heard Dan Rather call CBS “Accuracy Central” though.