Lock 'n' Load

I just got the the Lock ‘n’ Load pak from GoGamer. The pak has Kingpin, Solider of Fortune (gold series), Sin and Spec Ops II. Got the pak for $20.00

Right now I’m playing Kingpin…

I played Kingpin when it first came out back in "99. The only thing I remember from the game is all that cursing. Plus this is the game that introduced me to online gaming! :D Ahh… I would play Kingpin on Heat for hours on end. I bought the game because I never finished it.

The graphics are still decent. The players and items in the game are a bit blocky though. Since I Have a ton of Ram, the loading screens don’t take forever. But… I don’t have a mouse when I’m in the menu screen, and there is no option for direct 3D. Only Open GL and Voodoo.

What are your opinions on Kingpin?

btw… I got Vietcong (M version) also.

GoGamer kicks ass. :D

I remember running Kingpin as a dedicated server on my Linux box way back when using the newly developed WINE library. It actually worked really well, though the humor in playing on it came from the completely odd phenomenon that despite being connected to the dorm network in the middle of Ohio, the server was most often populated with Europeon players, particularly Dutch, who overly enjoyed running around shouting gangster expletives badly translated english in game.

Of those three games I liked SiN the best. Of course, it took about 80 megs of patches to make it playable.

Kingpin still holds up today as some of the most fun you’ll have playing deathmatch on a LAN.

SiN was, for me, one of the best multiplayer games I ever played. I was truly sad when the SiN community finally died completely.

Well balanced, well designed maps, and lots of interesting strategies.

Too bad the single player was basically ass. :(


Sin is good, because it’s the only game that I’m mentioned in. (they misspelled my name though)

Kingpin is a pretty good game. One of the greater things about the game was DM was pretty well-balanced. You could use a pistol against people with tommy guns and flamethrowers and still kick butt.

Yea… I’m actually playing Kingpin right now and the graphics are still pretty decent. You can tell that the game is dated though.

PS… Does anyone still play multiplayer? I remember playing grab the money, where you stole money from your opponents safe. That was Killer! Anyone still playing it?