Lock Out - 2012

Hey now this looks like it could be a fun ride. And Guy Pearce… man he hasn’t been in too much lately.


— Alan

Oh, Luc Besson. You had me at “outer space prison”.

5 minute clip: http://www.filmofilia.com/lockout-5-minute-clip-95016/

Looks pretty intriguing. Should be a fun action movie. Impressed by what I’ve seen so far from Pearce, didn’t picture him being able to carry an action movie.

“Guy Pearce plays a government agent convicted of a crime which he did not commit. He is offered his freedom if he can rescue the President’s daughter from a prison in space which has been overtaken by its prisoners.”

Crime he didn’t commit. Offered his freedom. Rescue President’s daughter. Prison in space. Overtaken by prisoners.

Brain… can’t…

Space prison? Tell me Jeffrey Combs is in this and I am there, no questions asked.

Make him guilty of the crime and set on Earth instead of in space = Escape from New York/Escape from L.A.

Then take out the president’s daughter and throw some extra dudes in and it’s the A Team! Then take out the whole “winning your freedom” thing and it’s Shawshank Redemption! Then take out the prison and it’s Driving Miss Daisy!


Escape from Outer Space - rescue President…ummmm…President’s daughter from maximum security penal colony in orbitto gain pardon for crime he didn’t commit.

“Call me Snake…ummmm…Snow.”

Guy Pierce? Skinny, short Guy Pierce? Action hero?

Well, it looks like he finally took James Cromwell’s advice: “Lose the glasses, boyo.”

Remember when Bruce Willis was the balding guy from Moonlighting? And when Ryan Reynolds was Van Wilder: Party Liason?

At least Guy Pierce has some hair and I can take him seriously!

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, I suspect his shitty(?) space prison movie will sink any hope this movie has for a decent theatrical release.

Of course, in one of the trailers for Lockout I just watched I heard the words, “He’s the best there is but he’s a loose cannon.” I’m getting too old for this shit.

Never watched Moonlighting. So he was always the balding guy from Die Hard to me.

And when Ryan Reynolds was Van Wilder: Party Liason?

Definitely never even wanted to watch that, and I would not make the connection to whatever action part he played (looking - Green Lantern, well, I’m glad I missed that one, too).

At least Guy Pierce has some hair and I can take him seriously!

He can act. I wasn’t being entirely serious as to the casting - I presume they did the Hollywood makeover on him physically. I mean if they can turn Tobey Maguire into an action hero…

I was trying to be a bit more lighthearted than I think I came off as being. I just meant they were generally well-known for very different roles before they were action guys.

It came off as lighthearted to me - my sneering at Pierce was meant to be light-hearted, too. Bruce Lee was a skinny short guy, for that matter - at least Pierce can do an American accent. And Michael Keaton as Batman, fer Chris’sake!

Oh well in that case ;-)

Horrendous acting, ludicrous plot, ridiculous action, this movie is absolutely terrible…and I mean that as a compliment.

Without spoiling the film, you know in the first 5 minutes what you’re going to get and if you can just go with it, you will have so much fun. The plot is a rip-off of Escape from New York. Besides the main cast, every other person in the movie was probably the friend of someone on the crew. I’m talking, looking at the camera while delivering your lines bad acting.

Even the stage direction will make you go, “What?!” Case in point, our heroes enter an empty room. We know it’s empty because while we only see 3/4 of the room, the characters are looking in the direction of the other 1/4. So imagine the audience’s surprise when the hero turns around and there are 5 bad guys behind him in plain sight that somehow were not seen.

What saves the film? Guy Pearce and some witty one-dimensional dialogue. This is obviously not a studio film, but I hope they take note. I can’t remember the last time I had fun at the theater. While I’m sure it will tank, if it does do well, I’m sure Hollywood will try emulating it. They’ll screw it up and only make even worse movies then they currently are.

Have guys night out and go watch the film with your buddies. You’ll have a blast

Sadly it’s not yet playing at the local theatre.

Gotta have two screens playing that terrible Hunger Games movie instead!

Oh man, that scene was freakin’ hilarious. Everyone is lined up in a row so that they’re perfectly obscured from the camera by Guy Pearce. He turns around and, whoa, look, it’s a buncha dudes in here!

Also, Pearce makes a great action hero. He’s totally decked out like Chris Redfield in a Resident Evil movie. His biceps were easily the sexiest thing in this movie given that Maggie Grace has all the sex appeal of a wet blanket.

Some really nice touches in the script, but overall, this is yet another incompetent stab at John Carpenter, like The Raid, but without the thrilling fight choreography and with better sets.


By the way, for anyone wondering WTF I was talking about, I was talking apparently about Lockout. Fast forwarding through the ads on my DVR I thought Guy Pearce was Ryan Reynolds! Embarrassing.

Sadly, Lockout is not playing in my town so I’ll have to wait for it on DVD.

I remembered Guy Pearce as having a better American accent than that. Lockout was packed full of people with strange accents pretending to be Americans.