Lockwood & Co. (Netflix, urban fantasy, killer ghosts, Scooby Gang)

It’s a difference between the app and the website; the website gives you top 10 shows and movies while the app doesn’t have that feature for some odd, brain-dead reason.

Ooh, Cornish is on the new Doug Loves Movies. Will be weird hearing him outside an Adam & Joe context.

A show based on a book series is pretty good if it makes you want to read the books. And this show does that - it’s charming as fuck.

I watched this, and I liked it, but I mainly for the characters and world-building. The actual plot is kind of nonsense, I think? Or maybe I lost track of it. The last half of the season turns into a macguffin chase and I forgot why everyone wanted it. The stuff with Flo and George on the boat was just weird and didn’t end up going anywhere.

But, yeah, still, everything else going on is enough to overcome whatever problems I have with the plot. Looking forward to seeing them investigate the origins of The Problem.

I apologize for steering y’all wrong here…season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, and now it’s looking more and more unlikely we’ll ever get a second season, because Netflix.

You didn’t steer anyone wrong, @triggercut ! It’s a great show and it will stand alone as fine watching if that’s what ends up happening. I plan on reading the books, in any case, so those wanting full resolution to their questions can always pursue that route (or a book summary).

Just wrapping up the 2nd book. They’re a bright, fun read. Though they’re clearly YA novels, they don’t “speak down” to that level, in my thinking.

They’re not “How the hell are these YA novels?!?!” levels of Rick Yancey’s Monstrumology books, but I’ve enjoyed the series a lot so far.

Fuck! Is it still worth investing in the 1st season?

IMO yes. It’s self contained enough and very fun. The cliffhanger is annoying, but not a dealbreaker sort of thing.

Very much so!

Finished the season, fun ride and echoing the sentiment that the cliffhanger isn’t particularly bad. Most of season 1 is resolved and I took them more as setup for another season if/when it happens.

I watched the first episode this morning.

Starting in that house, not a great way to introduce us.

“3 Years ago” was a much better start
I like both of the two main actors. They both look so familiar even though they’re kids. I wonder if they’re related to famous actors?
I love the Lockwood & Co house. So warm and cozy and just absolutely full of knick knacks and warm colors.

Haven’t seen this yet… is it too spooky for a 9-almost-ten girl who likes fantasy / scifi stuff but not bloody stuff (like wounds)?

Also (from your description above)… how is the premise of the ghosts murdering and freezing you and only kids seeing them etc not a shameless ripoff of His Dark Materials volume 2 (and 3)?

Why not?

It just wasn’t compelling. The ghosts seemed boring, the world seemed bleak and weird, the characters didn’t seem all that interesting.

But once they did the “3 years earlier” introduction, and then went back to the beginning, it was a lot better, since we knew the ghosts were actually super dangerous, we knew the characters better and cared about them, and we knew more about the world, presented in a better way than in the opening scene.

I’m not sure the series about deadly ghosts in an alternate universe future setting is going to be for you.

Let me clarify, at the beginning of the episode, the world seemed bleak and weird in a boring way, but after the “3 years earlier” segment, the world seemed bleak and weird in a more interesting way.

I find the concept of ghosts scary. I would have gotten nightmares. This has one of those traditional translucent ghosts fly and attack people.

I don’t think there is any gore here (that I remember) - no one is losing a hand in a sword fight or anything. The ghosts are scary but the violence is all CGI/abstract, iirc. But ghosts screaming and flying straight at someone can be pretty creepy for a kid, so I might recommend you watch the pilot to get a sense of the shows “vibe” and then decide accordingly. Worst case you have to watch the first episode or two again with her.

I finished 4 episodes and I’m on Number 5 now.

One thing that drives me a bit crazy is the number of times characters tell each other to do something, and then they’re not actually looking at the character to know that they’re not doing it. I know that it’s just done to raise tension. And I know that it works! It still doesn’t sit well with me though. My god, just look at someone when you talk to them.