Logan Lucky (Ocean's 7-Eleven)

Surprised there is no thread yet, since a few people have mentioned watching it in other threads.

Anyways, a very enjoyable heist movie starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig (among quite a few others). Tons of charm and easy humor. Never thought that I would see the day that a movie pulls out a George R. R. Martin joke and the whole theater busts out laughing. The movie drags a bit with some of the family drama, but it is all mostly in service to the story, so I will cut Soderbergh some slack.

Highly recommended.

Ok first of all 👏👏👏👏👏 for this topic title. And it still contains the actual movie title so people can find it!

You, sir, should be the recipient of a Nobel Prize in Foruming.

Well, Discourse forced me to do it and I stole the joke from the movie…

Ok we’ll downgrade that to the User of the Day Award in Foruming, then.

It sure is interesting how the default Discourse rules get us better topic titles. Really interesting.

This makes me want to see the movie more, actually.

I like a good heist film, it looked fun. Glad to here it is.

Family saw it yesterday and we all enjoyed it.

And so glad that Hollywood has finally figured out to do southern accents.

This comment amused me greatly. Hollywood innovation: Finally discovered how to do proper Southern accents. Who is responsible for such a monumental innovation, I thought?

According to the credits on IMDB:

Diego Daniel Pardo was Dialect Coach.
Jessica Drake and Joy Ellison are listed as Dialect Coach: Prep.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the trio that finally gave Hollywood Southern Accents.

I can’t remember the name, but I remember the NPR profile of the leading dialect coach for southern accents in the 80s and 90s. The guy was a New Yorker who had never been down south. He had this fantasy southern accent that he taught to everyone that I have NEVER heard any real person speak anything like, and I’ve lived or spent time in GA, FL, SC, NC, MS, AL, and TN. Both his weird upscale Designing Women accent and his Cletus the Slackjawed Yokel southern accent were consistent across actors, but wholly wrong.

He made Julia Roberts who is from Georgia have that stupid accent in Steel Magnolias.

Idiot must have finally retired, as that weirdly universal but wholly unrealistic bad southern accent everyone in Hollywood had has finally died off.

Eh, I’ve read a few reviews that say the southern accents are bad. The only one who has a truly
‘authentic’ accent based on what I’ve read was Tatum, (cuz hes southern!).

It’s still Hollywood, they have to make it kookier than usual… just like Fargo overdoes the Minnesota accent.

Hear, hear! I’m going to check out this movie on strength of thread title alone.

I thought the accents were all over the place, but this was a fun movie. Nothing remarkable, but Channing Tatum is always entertaining and accents aside, the rest of it is a decent heist.

The weirdest part was that Adam Driver was just sort of there. I’m usually a fan, but he did nothing for me here.

The only accent that wasn’t horrible was Dwight Yoakam. Because he actually talks that way. Everyone else was varying degrees of awful.


Saw it tonight to beat the heat. I liked it. I like heist movies, especially heist movies with a robin hood trope and little girls paying tribute to their dad. Heck yeah!

But here is what I don’t get. What was the purpose of the malfunctioning gate? I also wondered about the point of the roach cake, but Wikipedia says that was so they could measure the vault. Why did they have to measure the vault? Why did they need different color roaches? I guess I don’t need to know all these things, but it just bugs me (haha) that I don’t know. It might be the heat.

Also, it’s like they set this up to be a TV series with the FBI agent at the bar, working undercover. What kind of an ending is that? If that’s true, I’ve never seen that before. Usually it goes the other way, with an iconic TV series getting a movie.

I’m pretty sure the cockroaches were used to figure out which of the various vacuum tubes went into the vault - they released roaches with several colours, but only one colour ended up on the cake (and the “pest inspector” then made sure to let the team know which colour it was).

Ah, that makes sense. That’s what he meant by “pink time” or whatever. It was the color of the roach that made it onto the cake. Was the cake lady in on the plot? I saw she got a little “gift” at the end, in a cardboard cake box. I just loved that Robin Hood shit.

The gate was to get those other three guys out of the tunnel and occupied for a while so the Logans could fill up the other bags that the sister snuck out.

Yes, that makes sense. She sneaks out the money that goes into the landfill? And the dude that was caught smoking was garbage truck driver?

What did the dudes dunking for apples at the carnival (or whatever it was) have to do with it?

haha, despite my need for so much explaining, I really thought it was a fun movie. I blame it on the heat.

I’m pretty sure that those guys were dunking for pig feet and that they were the computer specialists - they knew all the Twitters.

haha, I loved that line. Along with, “We need a real Facebook guy.”

But those were the brothers? I didn’t even realize. Nor did I notice the pig feet. Yeow. In the mouth? I guess it could have been pig scrotum, but still. Aside: Once I read someone was up on charges for using pig rectum as a substitute for sliced octopus.

Finally saw this. I loved, loved that one of the written-on-a-napkin demands of the prison inmates was that George R.R. Martin must finish Winds of Winter, and then the warden (Dwight Yoakam, so excellent as usual) gets into an argument with them about it over the intercom. That made the movie for me.

Worth seeing, but a bit more low key than I was expecting overall. Excellent ensemble work.