Logan's Run remake in the works

<twitch> I’m sure they’ll cast wooden man Matt Damon as the lead.

The 70s version of this movie is entertaining, but pretty cheesy given the “70s version of what the future will look like” look, spotty acting, etc. I’m finding it really hard to get all up in arms about someone remaking it.

Well, that’s just the thing. They’ll take a cheesy, not all that good fun movie and turn it into stupid, no fun at all, stupid idiocy. And THEN they’ll make it more stupid.

Edit: also, for some reason, I have a soft spot in my heart for Logan’s Run. Maybe it’s cause I watched as a kid and never again…

For some reason I thought you guys were talking about Coogan’s Bluff and I was struggling to remember the scifi elements of that film. I’m not sure that that would make a better remake either though.

I rewatched it recently, and while I still love the movie and Jenny Agutter, parts of the movie were just awful.

As long as the female lead looks awesome bra-less in a diaphanous mini-dress and Daniel Craig plays Logan 5, I’m OK with a remake.

Rumor has it that they’re going to more or less ignore the '70s version and go back to the novel (which is radically different from the film). With Singer gone (per Whitta) I’m wondering if that’s still the case. (As an aside, Wikipedia says that Singer is still “unsure” about what he’ll do next but that James McTeigue is his rumored replacement should he do something else.)

I watched Logan’s Run on cable for the first time in at least two decades earlier this year, and it’s pretty terrible. This is a remake that has the potential to massively outclass the original. That doesn’t mean that it will, of course, just that it could.

A few years ago, I looked into getting the rights for a stage adaptation of the novel, and they were blocked due to the “impending” movie. I wish they’d just make the fucking thing.

I watched Logan’s Run on cable for the first time in at least two decades earlier this year, and it’s pretty terrible.

I wouldn’t say terrible so much as the movie is really a product of its time. Sure the SFX sucked, but I still think there’s some great stuff that resulted from the fact that they didn’t have a giant budget. I like that the story was confined to earth and not some interplanetary romp.

Recently rewatched it and I just noticed that the score is all cold electronic beeps and boops for the first half of the movie, but once they get out of the domed city they use a full orchestra.

I wasn’t commenting on the FX–I can watch Metropolis, Forbidden Planet, or the original Kong and enjoy the effects. It’s the acting/dialogue/script/etc. that failed to impress. There’s a few good scenes and ideas, but a lot more garbage (IMO, of course).

Oh come on…Have you seen Farrah Fawcett’s scenes?
Pure brilliance…okay it was hard to type that without spitting coffee on the monitor.

Fish, plankton…
…sea greens and protein from the sea.
Fresh as harvest day.

Overwhelming, am I not?

Yeah, he still freaks me out.

The only problem with the SFX in Logan’s Run is that it was released in 1976. It even won an Academy Award for the quality of the special visual effects it had.

Put me in the Jenny Agutter fan camp. Logan’s Run was a cheesy movie, but it was fun. I have it on DVD and rewatching it recently, it was still cheesy, and still fun. And there’s Jenny Agutter. (Note to self: rewatch American Werewolf).

I can see why there is interest in a remake. Snazzed up with updated special effects, it would probably do well at the box office. I’d go see it so long as it cast a female lead who looks great from the side in a complete cutaway tunic.

Hopefully they don’t mess with the (gauss?) pistols and the way they fired.

You’d have to change the ending though. It’s not as easy to talk a computer to death these days as it used to be.

Perhaps they can use the ending from the book…

hopefully they will use the gun from the book- really liked the idea of 6 bullets, all different-but you only get one of each.
There are some great scenes in the original- still love the part at the end with the girls playing with Peter U.'s beard-cuz you know no one under 21 has one.
they could have done the cubs better, always thought they should have been blurs- barely visible except when they stop moving.
And Box- you can leave Box just they way he is. There really is something scary about him…


The point being, of course, what came out just a few months later in 1977…