LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling

Looks like we’re not only getting vampires, but Indonesia as well soon.

Releases later today!

If anyone has found some parts of LOGistICAL frustrating, I recommend Oregon (Logistical 1). It’s on the easy side, with maybe only a tenth of the towns requiring a lot of planning and setting up of new factories to complete. Very pleasant.

Oh really? I’ll give it a try, I feel stuck on Hawaii.

If you play it, I’ll tell you one place where I got hung up and that was accessing Paint (in Eugene? Or Salem, maybe?). Take a close look at that when you get there. I think you can use the little bit of paint in that city to upgrade a resource (magazines?) that will make unlocking the full paint factory much easier. I used it elsewhere and regretted it.

Bookmarked, thanks!

FWIW I found Oregon to be both harder but more importantly much more boring than Hawaii, so YMMV.

I bought the cheapest one (Chile) because of these posts last week. Would not recommend that for a beginner! Then I saw there was a free demo and really enjoyed the ABC Islands.

Any short & sweet modules, or something interesting?

I’ll probably pick up Oregon later :)

I’ve also played New Zealand, and it’s small, but more challenging than Oregon, I think.

Oregon was fun so far. Solid recommendation nightgaunt.

Liked the start of Wisconsin too. I was going to say Netherlands is really slow at the beginning, but just realized I made a couple huge mistakes. Restarted that one!

I’m confused about the relationship of Logistical 1 and 2, and how Logistical 1 modules support Logistical 2 features.

How does Logistical 2 improve upon Logistical 1? Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of the game but I do occasionally fire it up if I just want to plug away at something.

Bug fixes, UI improvements, and a shinier graphic map of the area.

I’m not feeling Logistical 2 at all. Seems a lot busier than the first, but not in a good way. The first town is surrounded by over 100 mailboxes that all need a newspaper delivery. Do we have to do all those manually?


I just grabbed this on a whim because @BrianRubin et al are so enthusiastic about it.

Everything looks…really terrible and embarrassing, like it’s an asset flip off the Unity store.

Is something fucked on my setup?

I don’t mean to be Mr Prima Donna Who Requires Stunning Visuals or anything, but there’s a bar things have to clear and this ain’t doing it.

No that’s…pretty much how it looks.

I don’t know if I have that much love in my heart, friends.

It’s not meant to be a visual game. Little trucks move around on a map, fixing roads and supplying towns at your command. It’s all about solving the puzzles. To that end, it’s also a real slog. This isn’t a quick finish line. Each map can take hours and hours. So, “what’s the draw” I hear you asking? It’s just simply a satisfying time waster that’s awesome to play when you’re also busy with other things, like work, conference calls, other games, etc.
This is not the type of game you want when you just have a few precious hours of game time one evening before bed. That’s best left for the more visually appealing titles.

It’s one of those games that is super addictive once you’re into a level, but when you’re not playing you wonder why you ever would.

It should look a little better than that. Not much, but that’s just the background anyways. Zoom in and get some trucks going. That one hasn’t been updated yet.

Wisconsin, updated to L2 today. Here’s what it looks like now:

Welcome to the club, buddy, because it’s a huge freakin’ disaster.

Wisconsin done, had fun.
41 hours with idling, 800 towns.

Would recommend it if anyone loves road mazes.
Bricks, wires, wood, oil… all used to lock roads.

Many towns are only accessible with dump trucks. There’s also a housing industry that can only be carried around on 20 & 40 tonners. Took me around 10 hours to finally get stuff going, industry upgrades and my first speed up. Only had real trouble with the 5,000 tons to Milwaukee. I’m on the bottom of the leaderboards so it might be too easy for the rest of you.