Logitech fail

This old workhorse, the wired Logitech Trackman Wheel trackball mouse, has been discontinued for some reason. :(

Major bummer.

p.s. If anyone finds an online retailer still selling these new at a relatively normal price let us know.

What about the same thing, but wireless?

My friend just bought the wireless version of it to replace his trackman marble that just died and he thinks it works fine. I think his last one was wired.

I’ve been using the wireless one for years, works great.

As long as they continue to make peripherals (great mice) for sane people I’m all for the continuing persecution of trackballers.

I know I hope they bring the wired version back. I hate wireless.

I get weird looks when I say I use a trackball mouse, but being around artsy types taking comp sci in my college years messed up my head.

I loved my trackman marble when I played FPS’ all the time. I could 180 headshot someone so easily. My friend would be amazed at how quickly I could spin with it. I do miss using it at times, but I have gone back to a normal mouse now after using the trackman for about 15 years.

My thing is I prefer trackballs with laptops, as you don’t need a mousepad.

I also have to bring my own laptop in to work to mess around with (it’s not necessary for work, but it’s also not forbidden, we just have to supply ourselves)

Why switch if it was so good?

I stopped playing FPS’ really, and my scroll wheel died and I had a normal mouse kicking around so I just started using that. Then ended up getting the microsoft wireless entertainment desktop 8000 and have been using that ever since. I think if I went back to playing FPS’ competitively again I’d switch back to the trackman though.

It was always funny watching people try and use my computer with it and not sure how to use a thumb wheel based mouse.

I used to have one of the older Trackman Marbles too, and I remember liking it well enough, but it was also a pain to keep clean, thanks to how dirt would stick to the ball, get scraped off by the ring, and fall onto the optics. I’ve been tempted to try a newer one to see how much they’ve improved, though.

The ones with the ball mounted in the middle seem like they might be kind of awkward for gaming, though, depending on how you’d have to position your hand to move the ball and reach buttons at the same time. I should see if there’s an open model I can try the next time I’m by a big box store.

They also lack a middle mouse button. Not for gaming period. Why I’m mad over the wired 3 button version being discontinued.

The mouse I’m actually kind of interested in is coming out in may.


I’m curious how decent that’ll be from a usability standpoint.

The video doesn’t show anything that I can’t map to my mx158 and execute with a button press.

The whole idea behind it is not to press buttons though, and that’s what I am finding interesting about it. I’m just kind of curious how well the gesture movements will translate in to being intuitive and also relatively easy to do without it triggering accidental commands when you just shift your hand when it gets uncomfortable.

I’m curious, too. I have a couple of family members who have some hand issues, and being able to eliminate the mouse click would be very useful.