Logitech G15 Keyboard


I’d still kinda like an ergonomic/natural model…

— Alan

Right now, everyone is just regurgitating the press release. I can’t wait to get one in for review. The real-time macro recording type thing and the open-development LCD stuff is pretty cool.

Ah I hadn’t seen anything about it yet, which is why I posted it.

Looks interesting however, how many would really use the LCD for stuff like reposting ammo counts? I mean, if I’m in the middle of the game I don’t want to be looking away from the screen.

— Alan

If there was an ergonomic version, I’d buy it today. I wish someone would make an ergonomic keyboard with backlit keys. I bought the Saitek keyboard and I couldn’t go back to a standard key layout after using an MS Natural keyboard for the last 10 years

What, only $80? And the good old standard keyboard layout? And two USB ports to boot? It’s wired, right? I’ve had bad luck with wireless peripherals.

I’ll have to try out the keys when it’s in the stores but if they are any good I’ll buy it right away.

"When not in use, the LCD panel folds down to protect the screen and offers maximum portability – perfect for transporting to a gaming session at a friend’s house. "

Or you could grab a normal size, much smaller keyboard and forget the useless LCD altogether.

The Saitek Eclipse keyboard is much more attractive than this new Logitech offering. As mentioned earlier, I would kill for an ergonomic backlit keyboard that was COMPLETELY black. I don’t undertsand why gray accents are necessary on everything nowadays.

The 18 programmable “G Keys” allow you to execute macros—like casting spells in World of Warcraft—with a single button press,

I call bullshit. :roll: This isn’t possible without violating your TOS, as it requires mouse clicks. You can’t script this via Lua in the client program because it would allow farming/macroing entire sequences/dungeons/whatever. So either 1) they are implying you can do something that is illegal or 2) they are lying.


Honestly why would you want to look down and away from your monitor to see some stats when you could be missing something important on your monitor’s screen.

This thing is at least more useful than the elitist keyboard from the other thread. I still wouldn’t buy it though, call me when the Optimus starts shipping.

Huh? You can make a WoW in-game macro then bind it to a key, then bind the keyboard G Key to that macro.

Casting spells in WoW does not require mouse movement.

Huh? You can make a WoW in-game macro then bind it to a key, then bind the keyboard G Key to that macro.

You can also do that in like every other MMO ever.


Huh? You can make a WoW in-game macro then bind it to a key, then bind the keyboard G Key to that macro.

Casting spells in WoW does not require mouse movement.[/quote]

It has been a long-time policy of Blizzard that in-game macros cannot execute spells completely on their own. It requires a mouse click or button press (on the button you bind it to, or to a keyboard key or whatever). The only thing you can macro is some associated things like how Tacklebox or how crafting UI mods work. Unless they have changed their policy within the last few weeks while I haven’t been active. Heh. Lots of threads in the UI forum asking the same question over and over again, “how do i execute a series or sequence of spells/skills/moves in a script/macro?” and the answer is always, “you can’t because it requires a user intervention of a mouse click.” (which breaks the entire rest of the macro)

So what I was thinking they meant was being able to do that series of spells (they used plural form) on the G15 keyboard on a single key. Which is impossible. As for doing a spell to a single key on the keyboard-- even if you do need a huge set of extra keys to do that if the in-game client can’t see them you’ll have to manually script them all out using the Logitech driver software – what a pain!